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Wheel of Time

I first found the Wheel of Time book series after a friends recommendation in 2007, id finished what was out of the Malazan series (at the time) and wanted a similar epic fantasy series to get my teeth into while i waited for the next books. This consisted of all of Robert Jordan's books and I lapped them up finishing the main series before reading New Spring.

I have since re-read the full series completely once including Brandon Sanderson's works around 2013 after A Memory of Light was published. I am currently on my second full re-read of the full series now before starting the Amazon Prime show.

What I love about the series is the huge sweeping tale that encompasses so many characters but never seems to get confusing and the way each perspective seems very unique and genuine. The world building is brilliant and the magic system is....well magical!

Favourite book

Now this is tough, I don't think I can easily say which of the main series books I like the most as for me they are all one big story an I don't view them as distinct in that way. I will say however that I love New Spring because it shows life in the tower before any of the main events and we see a side to the characters Moiraine and Siuan that is very different to the books in many ways. I also love that it forshadows a lot of what is to come.

I found on Mon Sep 10, 2007 after reading the first few books, I honestly can't remember how though but I probably was just googling for stuff.

I used to make signatures and do avatar editing for festivals (One of Shaoman 2007 Individual Avatars Winner). When I decided to join the tower I was sponsored by Wen Sedai and later made real with Manora Sedai in preparation for going to a Euro Party (which i never actually managed to attend).

I Joined the Tower November 2, 2007 and became a Soldier Thu Apr 10, 2008 under Duderin Gaidins expert guidance as his Mini me.

Had a unscheduled LoA for 4 years and then came back, fully re-read all the books and the three new ones and after a short stint aspired to Dai M'Hael and worked as a reporter for the TVT.

I didn't have enough time to aim for senior member and couldn't decide where I fit so going back to being a citizen in residence and enjoying tower life that way.

Another LoA from 2018-2022 and here I am re-reading the books and back on

I decided to re-apply to the tower and managed to get Rhianna Sedai and Melina Sedai to sponsor me this time round. Enjoying the experience as a recruit again and finding out about the newer people and whats changed here at TV.Net. I have also just started a second term as a Tar Valon Times reporter and looking forward to providing some content for you all.

Membership admin

Luna Morn is my current admin and has been very helpful getting set back up as a recruit while I find my feet and sorting me a out with a new Mentor.

My Favorite Library Pages

My favourite character, despite not liking some aspects of his story is probably Perrin Aybara. I enjoy that he's not a channeler but is still different and enjoy the whole wolf brother storyline.

My favourite book as stated above is New Spring.

A member of my user group is Chiema Purvene'Caba a recruit who likes naps and mischief.

One of my current roles is as a Chat Operator on discord.

Discord moderator is a part of the Department of Technology

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