Manora al'Sara

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Manora al'Sara
Real Name Jackie
Location Essex, United Kingdom
Birthday April 5
TarValon.Net Information
Affiliation Blue Ajah
Rank Aes Sedai
Join Date February 14, 2003
Bonded to
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Tower Sworn Interview

Why did you choose Blue?

Because it fit best with my personality and I felt it was a place where I would be challenged, be able to set my mind to lots of different tasks and ultimately where I could grow and develop. The ladies are pretty cool too! ;)

Are you like the Blues in the Books?

In some ways yes because I'm dedicated, I focus on a cause, I'm willing to go to all sorts of lengths to achieve. But then again not like the books because I don't use people for my own gains and I care about others.

Do you plot and manipulate? Do you travel a lot?

The only things I plot about are good things like birthday gifts etc! And yes I do travel quite a bit, and since joining the site, much more than I used to.

How was your time as Citizen/Novice/Accepted?

I joined before Citizens existed. My time as a novice was relatively short and I spent most of it getting to know the other novices. I was accepted for only a little over the minimum time and got to know lots of other people at the site and settled in my ajah. All in all it was good fun - we pulled some great pranks back when I was accepted! ;)

What things do you do for

At the moment I'm Head of my Ajah but I've been Heart of Ajah, a Sitter twice and done all sorts of little jobs around the Tower

How did you get to read the Series?

Totally by accident, I was browsing for new books one day and just picked it up.

To whom are you bonded, if you're bonded?

I'm Bonded to Dinn da Noor of the Dai M'hael - he's great!!

Who's your favorite character of the Series? Favorite Nation?

Favourite Character is Egwene, favourite nation is Saldaea

Have you ever attended any Real Life Functions? Did you like them if you did, and why? (Why do you think people should come to any future functions?)

I've attended loads and I have to say they are pretty much all great! i've been to Anni parties in the States and Euro Parties and local parties and getting to meet people in RL is amazing!

What kind of music do you like?

Mostly rock music

What are your favorite movies?

I like romantic comedies and historical movies

What's the craziest/stupidest thing you've ever done?

The craziest thing i've ever done.... hmmmm not sure. Stupidest - there's lots of those I wouldn't know where to start explaining!

What job do you have?

I'm an office manager for a stocks and shares trading company in London

Do you have a pet?

No, not any more, my poor doggy died. I want a cat but my mum won't let me so it will have to wait til I move again

What languages do you speak?

English, a little french and german and I can order stuff in restaurants n such in italian and dutch

What profession did you want to have when you were a kid?

I wanted to be a Vet

Moiraine or Siuan?


Shienar or Saldea?


Tea or coffee?

Tea (I'm English - like you didn't see that coming!)

Books or movies?


A short bio about yourself.

Well, my RL name is Jackie, I'm 29 and I live in a l'il village in Essex. I'm not too far from the East Coast which is nice. I unfortunately live with my parents again but I'm hoping to be able to move again next year. I'm technically single at the moment. I'm an only child but I'm fortunate to have lots of great friends and near-siblings. My RL family is quite small really. I've haven't any grandparents left, and my parents didnt' have that many siblings and my cousins, for the most part, haven't married or procreated so we're rather compact! I read, I play the piano, I play netball (when I'm not having physio for netball injuries that is) I go to the gym. I'm fairly big on music, I like mostly rock but also have some quite unusual things in my CD collection. I do a lot of sewing both costuming and tapestry. I do all the usual stuff like hanging out with my friends, going to the pub, watching films n such. Oh and I'm nearly finished a diploma in Herbal Medicine. I'm going to take a bit of time off and probably start another diploma in January, I'm trying to decide between Advanced Herbalism and Aromatherapy. I'm pagan and I love being outdoors and love animals and nature n such. I'm also getting quite big on the whole recycling, organic stuff.