The Dragon Reborn: Chapter 16

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Author: Val a'Shain

Lion Chapter Icon.png

Hunters Three

Chapter Icon: The Lion of Andor

Point of View: Egwene

Setting: Nynaeve's room in the White Tower

Characters: Egwene, Nynaeve, Elayne, Galad and Gawyn


Galad and Gawyn visit. Nynaeve brings Elayne in on the search.


When Egwene and Nynaeve arrive at Nynaeve's room they find Elayne already there. She is having a heated conversation with her brothers Galad and Gawyn. Egwene blushes furiously and has some rather inappropriate thoughts when Galad greets her. He wants to know where they have been and why they ran off and stayed away for months without telling them.

Elayne tells them that is none of their business but Galad disagrees. The safety of the Daughter-Heir is very much their concern he tells her. He was only just able to talk Queen Morgase out of taking the two of them back to Andor. Elayne remarks that wanting to continue their Warder training had, of course, nothing to do with their efforts.

Nynaeve steps in and tells Galad and Gawyn to leave her room. Gawyn ignores her and continues arguing. Nynaeve threatens to send a note to the Master of Arms saying the two of them entered the Accepted quarters without permission. This threat works and Gawyn and Galad leave. Before he goes Galad reminds them that if they need help he's more than willing to assist.

After they leave Nynaeve admits the men didn't need permission to enter the Accepted quarters. She gambled that they didn't know. Elayne now wants to know if Galad caught her tongue, she kept quiet for most of the discussion. Egwene blushes again and says she simply chose not to take part in the discussion. Elayne points out she would do better to look at Gawyn, he is besotted with her. Of course, Egwene making calf-eyes at Galad doesn't encourage him very much.

At this point Nynaeve stops the 'girlish chatter' she wants to move on to important matters. Elayne wants to know what the Amyrlin said after she was sent away. Egwene doesn't want to tell her but Nynaeve decides to take the Daughter-Heir in confidence. The three of them will seek out the Black Ajah. Nynaeve also tells her the Amyrlin might let Mat die. She is determined to try to Heal Mat herself. At that moment an Aes Sedai enters the room.


Character Development

  • Is still interested in Galad, but is now aware that Gawyn also likes her.
  • She is not sure the Aes Sedai will Heal Mat. Although they do, she does have a better understanding of Aes Sedai here than either Egwene or Elayne.
  • Elayne says Galad has never disobeyed Morgase

This makes him more of a rule follower than a moral agent, unless he has specifically defined "obeying Morgase/the Queen" as doing what is right.

  • He is clearly interested in Egwene

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