The Dragon Reborn: Chapter 2

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Author: Val al'Shain

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Chapter Icon: Dragon's Fang

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: The Mountains of Mist

Characters: Perrin, Leya, Min, Loial, Rand


Rand and Moiraine argue about the Dragonsworn on Almoth Plain, even though he knows she is right. He accidentally causes a minor earth tremor.


Like all other people that have come to see Moiraine, Leya wants to see her right away and alone. She refuses Perrin's offer of a hot meal asking only that her horse, Piesa, will be looked after. Perrin greets the other people and goes to find himself some supper.

Min walks up to him looking at the Tinker woman. Perrin asks what she sees around the woman and Min predicts her violent death. Perrin asks if she is sure and Min explains a bit about her talent. She sees images around people but not all the time and not around everybody. She doesn't always know what they mean or when something is going to happen but they are always true. Perrin realizes that a violent death of the Tinker woman could mean an attack on the camp. For a second time that day he considers contacting the wolves in the area to see if there is any danger. And again he pushes that thought away. Instead Perrin asks Min not to tell him what she sees around him.

Loial joins them and picks up talk about the Tuatha'an. Min quickly tells him what she's seen around Leya. Not for the first time this winter they wish they hadn't been caught up in this adventure. Loial concludes that few choices around ta'veren are your own. He still considers himself lucky to have been around three of them at a time. He is even taking notes to write a book about recent events.

They see Rand coming out of Moiraine's hut. He has been arguing with her all day. Perrin sees the Shienarans treat him like he is a King. Rand disappears through a crack in the rock wall around the valley that leads to an even more secluded valley. Rand always goes there after his arguments with Moiraine. Perrin follows him. Rand needs someone to talk to after these arguments.

He finds Rand reciting a part of the prophecies of the Dragon. He turns to Perrin and asks if he thinks Mat is all right. Mat must be in Tar Valon by now to the receive healing he needs. Perrin asks him if Rand wishes he were still a sheepherder. Rand mutters a Shienaran saying about duty and says there isn't really anybody else who can do it. Perrin turns the conversation to Moiraine now. Rand tells him they have been arguing about the same thing. The people who have declared for him on the Almoth Plain, the fighting and dying that is going on in his name and the fact there is nothing he can do about it. Rand knows she is right about that but he needs to vent his frustration.

Rand then speaks of saidin and how it pulls him. He wants to use it despite the taint but he has very little control over it. What will happen if the last battle is upon them and he can't reach the Source? The ground starts trembling under Perrin's feet. Apparently Rand has found the source this time. He unleashes a small earthquake before he gets hold of himself again. Saidin filled him he says, and he needed to direct it somewhere before it burnt him to a crisp. Looking around at the damage he caused Rand adds he didn't mean to do that. Perrin tries to get him to return to the camp with him for supper but Rand wants to be alone for a while. Perrin returns to the camp alone.


Visions and Prophecy


  • The Tinker woman is going to die. Perrin, I saw her own face floating above her shoulder, covered in blood, eyes staring. It's never any clearer than that.

Character Development

  • He sometimes wishes he was still a backsmith
  • He is wanting meat above everything else
  • He claims to have placed some sort of guard on his dreams
  • He still thinks Ba'alzamon is the Dark One
  • He is still not convinced that he is the Dragon Reborn


How do any of the women find Moiraine?


First Appearance


First Mention



Perrin identifies a kettle as Baerlon work - is there something really specfic about how they work metal in Baerlon? Perrin has heard of old stories, where Ogier are called "fierce" and "implacable as enemies".


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Visions and Prophecy


  • The Tinker woman is going to die. Perrin, I saw her own face floating above her shoulder, covered in blood, eyes staring. It's never any clearer than that.

This is fulfilled a couple of chapters later. It's not entirely clear why Min thinks the event will be soon, rather than years from now.

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