The Dragon Reborn: Chapter 1

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Author: Val a'Shain

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Chapter Icon: Two Ravens

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: The Mountains of Mist

Characters: Perrin, Uno, Masema, Ragan, Leya


A member of the Traveling People, Leya, arrives at the camp of the Dragon Reborn.


Perrin and a group of Shienaran soldiers are waiting somewhere in the Mountains of Mist. Perrin is uneasy but can't really tell why. His thoughts drift to the Aes Sedai that seems to have them all on strings and then to Shienar, the land his companions come from. He realizes though, that he is supposed to keep watch as well. Perrin briefly considers seeking out the wolves in the region to see if there is anything wrong but he pushes that thought away quickly.

Just as Perrin spots the rider they are waiting for Masema sees a raven. Before it can get away Perrin brings it down with his bow. The raven might report to a fade. Better to not take chances. The Shienarans can see the rider now as well and a little later Perrin leads them out of the thicket they used for cover to greet her.

After the password is exchanged the woman introduces herself as Leya. She is one of the Traveling People. Perrin asks her how she found them but she gives him the answer all others have given him. She knew that if she came this way she would find someone to take her to the woman she wants to talk to.

There is very little talk on the way back to their camp. Leya and Perrin talk about the pacifist philosophy of the Traveling People for a while, Perrin wonders how long the strength of her belief will hold up against a Trolloc. Leya is convinced the Way of the Leaf is right though. She notices Perrin's unease with his own weapons. Perrin refuses to get into that.

They approach the camp late in the afternoon. It is closely guarded by the Shienarans, even if to the casual observer not a lot of them are visible. The camp itself is scarcely more than a few log huts and a couple of fireplaces. A banner with a mythical beast called a dragon ripples in the wind. Perrin welcomes Leya to the camp of the Dragon Reborn.


Character Development

  • The Shienarans are following Perrin's lead, largely because of his connection to Rand
  • He is noting people's emotional state from their smell
  • He mentions something tickling the back of his mind, which develops into an itch - is this a variant of Elyas' sense he had in book one?


How did Leya know how to find Moiraine?
What is tickling the back of Perrin's mind?


First Appearance



  • Ravens must report to a Myrddraal


  • Pricklebacks
  • Bluefinch
  • Redwinged jay

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