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A Well is a type of ter'angreal in which a person can store an amount of the One Power (WH, Ch. 32). Nynaeve finds one in Ebou Dar, in the form of a slim jewelled belt, but does not know what it is or how to use it until Cadsuane recognises it (WH, Ch. 32). It can be filled by drawing on saidar through it, as with an angreal. The Well can be used in places a woman cannot access saidar, such as Far Madding (WH, Ch. 33), or when a person is shielded (Robert Jordan Interview). Nynaeve estimates that to lift Lan and Rand up onto a rooftop, one at a time, would use more than half of what it holds (WH, Ch. 33), Cadsuane also has a Well, a little hummingbird, though it cannot hold nearly as much as Nynaeve's (WH, Ch. 34). As the Eye of the World held pure saidin (TEotW, Ch. 49, it may be that this was special Well.