The Dragon Reborn: Chapter 35

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Author: Estyrien al'Halien

Waves Chapter Icon.png

The Falcon

Chapter Icon: Waves

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: Remen, Altara and the Snow Goose

Characters: Perrin, Loial, Lan, Moiraine, stableman, Jaim Adarra, sailors and Faile


The group board a boat the Snow Goose, followed by the young woman who tells Perrin that as a Hunter for the Horn, she needs to follow interesting leads. She calls herself Faile, meaning falcon.


Perrin and Lan return to the inn and go upstairs. Perrin tells Loial that they are leaving, "meet us at the stable as quickly as you can", and then goes to his room to pack. Perrin gathers his belongings together quickly and heads down to the stable. The stableman questions him about his leaving so quickly but Lan appears, gives him a coin and orders him to saddle the horses. Moiraine and Loial join them quickly and they leave the inn and head for the docks. Loial remarks that "it is like old times" and Perrin is amazed to learn that Loial is beginning to like the danger. Loial tells him that he is trying to remember the mood so that he can write his book accurately, "I have to like it if I wish to write of it".

The group arrive at the docks and board the Snow Goose. After Lan negotiates with the captain, Jaim Adarra, the sailors make the boat ready to leave. Lan pays Jaim and then Moiraine, Lan and Loial head below deck to their cabins. Just as they are about to leave the woman from the inn runs along the wharf and jumps onto the boat. She haggles with the captain while Perrin contemplates throwing her off the boat. The woman joins him at the rail and remarks that she did not think that she would be heading back to Illian so quickly. When Perrin asks her if she told the villagers that he had freed Gaul she tells him that she didn't.

Perrin wants to know if she is following him. She says that she knew that Moiraine was Aes Sedai and Lan her Warder and that Loial was an Ogier but didn't know about Perrin, "I do not like things I cannot account for". She goes on to tell him that she is a Hunter but Perrin does not believe her. The woman explains that she took the oath in Illian and that the Horn will be found "at the end of a strange trail, and I have never seen one any stranger than the trail you four make". She thinks that the Horn of Valere might be found in the Mountains of Mist though Orban and Gann seem to think that it is in the Great Blackwood. Perrin tries to encourage her to go to the mountains to try to get rid of her.

Perrin asks for her name and she tells him that it is Mandarb. He laughs and tells her that Lan's horse is called that and she admits that her real name is Zarine Bashere. Perrin decides to go to his cabin but Zarine calls after him and tells him that her nickname is Faile, it means "Falcon" in the Old Tongue. Perrin remembers that another of Min's viewings involved a falcon, "Min, why did you have to go seeing things?"


Fulfiled Prophecies
  • Faile is the Falcon Min saw

Perrin does not want to believe this


First Mention

Great Blackwood, Forest of Shadows


  • Faile thinks every Queen of Manetheren was an Aes Sedai and every king her Warder

This seems unlikely

  • Faile thinks there were even older nations than Manetheren in the Mountains of Mist

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