The Eye of the World: Chapter 32

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Author: Dinn da Noor

Dragon's Fang Chapter Icon.png

Four Kings in Shadow

Chapter Icon: Dragon's Fang

Point of View: Rand

Location: Four Kings

Characters: Rand, Mat, Saml Hake, Howal Gode


An innkeeper tries to steal from Rand and Mat, but is prevented by a darkfriend. They escape when lightening destroys a window.


Rand and Mat arrive at Four Kings at dusk, and find it a rougher village than what they're used to. They stop at the fourth inn, The Dancing Cartman, but the innkeeper, Saml Hake, is skeptical, but lets them try. By the time it is dark outside, the common room is filled up with laughing and talking men. Rand is uneasy because of the stares Hake gives his sword and flute, and tells Mat that he thinks he'll rob them. There is also a velvet-clad man there, and neither of them likes the looks he gives them.

After a while, they pause to get some food at the kitchen, and Rand listens to the cooks talking about how that rich man had gone from inn to inn, he had even dismissed The Royal Inn, until he came to The Dancing Cartman. Rand goes out and sees the man's carriages with his name lacquered on; Howal Gode. He tells Mat that he's from Whitebridge, and wonders if he might be a Darkfriend, but before they can talk more about it, Hake enters the kitchen and makes them start the performance again.

Eventually the common room empties, and Hake shows them where they shall sleep. He obviously won't try anything before they're asleep, and when he has gone, Rand bars the door, only to find the window barred with iron bars. Howal Gode tries to enter their room, telling them to submit themselves to the Great Lord of the Dark. Suddenly lightning strikes their room, and the wall with the window has a hole in it. They hurry out, Mat blinded by the lightning and Rand shocked by the bodies of Gode's men lying outside the wall.



Why is Rand sick again?
How did Gode get Jak and Strom to sleep?

It does not seem possible that he overpowered or drugged them

What does Gode mean "I can feel it coming from you in waves"


Rand and Mat might have only spent a week learning with Thom, but they are good enough to perform for money, even if only in small village inns. Rand seems to have learned at least a dozen songs in that time.


First mention

Saml Hake, Jak, Strom, Howal Gode

First Appearance

Saml Hake, Jak, Strom, Howal Gode


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Character Development


Rand channels to escape Gode, though again he doesn't realise


Why is Rand sick again?

Channeling sickness.

What does Gode mean "I can feel it coming from you in waves"

He is possibly talking about the Shadar Logoth taint

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