The Eye of the World: Chapter 33

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Author: Dinn da Noor

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The Dark Waits

Chapter Icon: Heron-Marked Sword

Point of View: Rand

Location: The Caemlyn Road

Characters: Rand, Mat, Hyam Kinch, Ba'alzamon, Howal Gode, Alpert Mull, Rulan Allwine, Paitr, Mili Skane


Rand is sick. Darkfriends find them, but they escape.


Rand and Mat are getting a ride from a farmer named Hyam Kinch. Mat tells Rand his eyes are getting better, and so is Rand. The Queen's Guard passes them, and Kinch seems surprised when Rand and Mat don't recognize them. Rand wonders whether Master al'Vere knows that the Two Rivers is part of some Queen's Realm. Master Kinch drops them off about two days from Caemlyn and a day's march from the next village, Carysford. He offers them to stay at his farm for the night, but Mat gets suspicious, and Kinch leaves them.

The time moves back to the night at The Dancing Cartman. They stagger away in the rain to some bushes, and decide to spend the night there.

Rand dreams that he's back in Four Kings and walks into The Dancing Cartman. Gode is there, only recognizable from his clothes, and Rand understands he is dead. Ba'alzamon appears and sends Gode away. He tells Rand the Eye of the World will never serve him and marks him, shooting a ball of flame in his face.

Rand awakes and understands Mat has a nightmare, and wakes him up. As the sun rose, they started walking, and when they come to a village, Rand leads them around it. Alpert Mull, a farmer, offers them a ride, and when they get to his road home, he lets them off, giving them two woollen scarves. They arrive in a village at dusk and are greeted by the only inn's innkeeper, Rulan Allwine, but are shocked by the price he offers them. They stay for the night, and when they eat breakfast the next day, a young boy named Paitr sits down at their table. Mat calls him a Darkfriend, and as they try to leave, he yells at them that the Shadow will swallow them. He flees, and so do Rand and Mat. They get six rides that day, before they arrive at another village. They enter The Queen's Man inn and the innkeeper agrees to let them perform, but suddenly Rand gets ill. The innkeeper lets them go to the stables and Mat goes to find a Wisdom. Mother Brune, the closest thing to a Wisdom, is out. Rand spends the night with nightmares and fever fantasies.

Rand is woken when a woman enters the stables, asking him if he is ill. She suddenly lunges for Mat, but her dagger is stuck in a post, blackening the wood around it. Mat has his ruby dagger up at her throat, but Rand convinces him not to kill her. Instead, they lock her up in the tack room and leave town. About a mile out of town, Hyam Kinch gives them a ride.


Common Themes

Overconfidence in their own knowledge/Acting on poor information

People dismiss as impossible the idea that a place like Market Sheran could have Darkfriends, rather than accepting they might be mistaken

Character Development


Mat would have killed Mili


How did Paitr know of the trouble in Market Sheran?

He claims they have ways of knowing things, but doesn't elaborate - Was he told in dreams, or by a Myrdraal?

Why is Rand ill?
How is Gode in the dream? Is it really him? Is he really killed (whatever this means for someone who is already dead)


People don't believe Market Sheran could have Darkfriends

Darkfriends are everywhere

Some people think Darkfriends look twisted

Darkfriends typically look normal


  • Hyam Kinch has actually heard of the Two Rivers and knows roughly where it is. This is pretty rare.
  • Although they flee quickly,


  • The boys remark that Paitr could have fit in Emmonds Field


First Mention

Hyam Kinch, Old Bain, Rulan Allwine, Paitr Conl, Ackley Farran, Mili Skane, Master Inlow, Mother Brune

First Appearance

Hyam Kinch, Old Bain, Rulan Allwine, Paitr Conl, Mili Skane


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


Why is Rand ill?

After effects of Channeling in Four Kings. We should probably be able to work this out, given what Moiraine told Nynaeve about chanelling sickness for the untrained


  • Although they flee quickly, tales of Paitr outrun them. This will happen several times and they are generally surprised to find that people already have some information.

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