The Eye of the World: Chapter 35

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Author: Dinn da Noor

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Chapter Icon: The Lion of Andor

Point of View: Rand

Location: Caemlyn

Characters: Rand, Mat, Basel Gill


Rand and Mat make their way to the Queen's Blessing.


Rand and Mat are stunned by the sight of Caemlyn. Bunt tells them that Rand should get rid of his heron-marked sword if he doesn't want any attention, and then leaves. They begin asking for directions to The Queen's Blessing inn, remembering Thom had told them to go there. They see that a lot of people have white or red cord and cloth wrapped around their swords, and Rand decides to buy some to hide the heron mark.

They finally arrive at The Queen's Blessing and talk to the innkeeper, Basel Gill. Rand shows him Thom's flute and tells him that they are friends, but Master Gill won't believe that Thom's dead before he sees his corpse. He tells them that he'll give them a room and food and speaks some about Thom's past. He was a Court-bard in Caemlyn and intimate with Queen Morgase. However, his nephew got into some trouble and he left without a word. When he came back again, he left the city half a step ahead the headsman's axe. Gareth Bryne, Captain-General of the Queen's Guards and other old Guardsmen probably remember the event.


Common Themes

Men and Women
  • Rand wishes he had Perrin's way with girls

Character Development


We learn about Thom and Morgase, and that he was a famed court bard


Rand thinks that there are people in Caemlyn like he had never seen before - skins too dark or too pale, suggesting that The Two Rivers, Baerlon, Whitebridge and the villages along the Caemlyn Road have a fairly limited range of skin tones


Rand thinks "A thousand storied had painted cities in his mind", so he doesn't have aphantasia


First Mention

Basel Gill, Gareth Bryne

First Appearance

Basel Gill

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