The Eye of the World: Chapter 36

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Author: Val a'Shain

Three Leaves Chapter Icon.png

Web of the Pattern

Chapter Icon: Three Leaves on a Branch

Point of View: Rand

Location: The Queen's Blessing

Characters: Almen Bunt, Rand, Mat, Master Gill, Loial


In the Queen's Blessing, Basel Gill tells Rand and Mat more about the current situation. Rand meets Loial.


Master Gill settles Rand and Mat down at a table in the corner and offers them a plate of food. Not a grand meal, the troubles of the world have not passed by Caemlyn. Food is in short supply. The innkeeper wants to know what kind of trouble Rand and Mat are in. Rand tells him the story, leaving out the worst of the Shadowspawn, and tells him they were hoping to meet their friends here. Rand intends to head for Tar Valon if they do not show up.

Master Gill tells them approaching the Aes Sedai advisor of Queen Morgase, Elaida of the Red Ajah, will not be a good idea because of their connection with Thom and he hints at political trouble in the city. Before he can explain he is called away to the kitchen though. Rand and Mat are taken to their room in the attic by one of the maids where Mat lies down on the bed and refuses to get up. He has been suspicious and pessimistic throughout the conversation with Master Gill. Rand goes down to see if he can find the innkeeper alone.

Master Gill is nowhere to be found and after spending some time in the common room of the inn, Rand retreats to the privacy of the library. Rand is admiring Master Gill's collection of books when he notices he is not alone. A creature looking like a Trolloc to Rand shares the room with him. Rand panics and reaches for his sword but the creature assures Rand that he is not a Trolloc and introduces himself as Loial. Loial is an Ogier.

Loial tells him what he is doing in Caemlyn. He left the stedding, the home of Ogier they are tied to in some way, without permission of the Elders to see the world he has read about. Especially the Groves. At ninety years of age he is not allowed to go 'Outside' without their permission. Loial seems to think the world has changed a lot since the books he read were written.

The Ogier seems to think that Rand is an Aiel and is surprised to learn Rand is from the Two Rivers - which he knows as Manetheren. Loial asks Rand why he is so far from home. For some reason Rand feels compelled to tell Loial the truth. The whole story this time. After listening carefully the Ogier tells Rand he is ta'veren, a person whose thread the Pattern weaves the threads of other lives around. Maybe his friends are, too. Loial asks permission to travel with Rand. He does not want to miss the opportunity to travel with a ta'veren. Considering the danger he is in Rand politely declines the offer. He still fears for the life of his friends. Loial comforts him and tells him his friends will be alright. Rand is not too sure about that.



Common Themes

Isolation of the Two Rivers

Loial has never heard of the Two Rivers.


What are the Ways and what shadow fell upon them?
What were Illian and Tear previously called?
How does the Longing work?
Why does Loial think Rand would know about Avendesora

Is this just an assumption because the Aiel once had a sapling?

What does Loial mean "he can almost feel the Pattern swirl?" why does he think all three may be ta'veren?

In the story they Rand told him, all they strange or unusual events happened while Rand or Mat were together, so there is no reason to think all three might be.


  • Earlier Rand had mentioned meeting an Ogier, Green Man or Aiel as something extremely unlikely. Here, he meets the first of them


  • Gill thinks there would be no Darkfriends in Caemlyn

This is a remarkably common view - "There are no Darkfriends here, they are in some other place." The people who think this are nearly always wrong

  • Loial says he has no interest in looking at the buildings Ogier created

It seems Moiraine's earlier comment that the Ogier went to Manetheren to look because it was so beautiful was wrong, though they may have gone to visit the Grove.


First Mention


First Appearance



This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


What are the Ways and what shadow fell upon them?

We find out more soon

What were Illian and Tear previously called?

Doralle Caromon became Illian. Tear was called Tear even when it was part of Essenia


  • When talking about ta'veren, Rand suggest becoming King would be too big a change for the pattern to allow. He does indeed become king

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