The Eye of the World: Chapter 43

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Author: Val a'Shain

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Decisions and Apparitions

Chapter Icon: Dragon's Fang

Point of View: Rand

Location: The Queen's Blessing

Characters: Rand, Mat, Loial, Moiraine, Lan, Perrin, Nynaeve, Egwene, Master Gill.


Loial tells them the Ways are dangerous but Moiraine insists they use them. The boys dream of Ba'alzamon who identifies them.


Rand wants to know why Loial won't guide them through the Ways and what the Ways are to begin with. On Moiraine's insistence Loial tells them about the time of madness when channeling men sought shelter from the Dark One's taint in the stedding. Eventually these men all left but not before they gave the Ogier the gift of the Ways. A place where time and space have another meaning, a way to travel great distances in a single day. Outside each stedding a Waygate, an entrance to the Ways was placed and outside each of the Ogier built cities. During the War of the Hundred Years however the Ways started to get corrupted, they grew dark and people started disappearing or came out mad. The Ogier Elders concluded it was no longer save to travel the Ways and forbade its use.

After hearing this Nynaeve wants to know why Moiraine means to take them to such a dangerous place. Moiraine makes it quite clear that they have run out of options. Giving up is handing the world over to the Dark One. Staying in Caemlyn means certain death and leaving the City another way does too. Reluctantly everybody agrees to try the Ways.

They spend the rest of the evening planning their trip. Moiraine sends for Master Gill to get them the things they need. It is deep into the night when the company leaves the library in search of a bath and bed.

As soon as Rand falls asleep he knows his dream is not a normal dream. Ba'alzamon is in his dreams again. Rand sees three tiny figures, one with a wolf at his feet, one with a dagger and one with a sword. Ba'alzamon tries to tempt him to kneel to him by offering him power beyond imagination and threatens him with eternal pain if he refuses. Ba'alzamon tells him the battle between them is as old as time itself and that he has no change of winning it. Remembering Moiraine's advice, Rand tries to deny Ba'alzamon. He is not impressed and continues pressing Rand. Panicking, Rand destroys the little figures and feels something stab his hand as he does so. Rand tries desperately to wake up, and when he does so he notices Mat wakes up at the same time.

Mat tells him he had the same dream. Rand thinks Ba'alzamon still doesn't know which of the three he is looking for. As he gets up he notices a splinter in his hand. A reminder. As Rand removes it Moiraine comes in telling them it is time to leave.


Common Themes

Men and Women
  • Rand thinks Perrin knows how to deal with women
Overconfidence in their own knowledge/Acting on poor information
  • Egwene just dismisses what Rand tells her about Elayne

Character Development

  • Egwene's inital reactions are very reasonable
  • Egwene doesn't believe Rand about Elayne. This is typical for her.
  • Rand thinks Perrin knows how to deal with women


Why have there only been Black Ajah for 2000 years?

Did they come out of hiding then, or were there truly no Aes Sedai sworn to the Shadow for a thousand years?

What is Machin Shin?
Have there been times the Dragon sided with the Dark One

This seems unlikely, otherwise the Dark One would be freed

Where does the splinter in Rand's hand come from?

Can things be taken out of Tel'aran'rhiod? How long before they disappear? Would it have remained physical if he had left it there?

Mysteries Resolved

We learn why the Ways are so dangerous, if not the exact cause


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Why have there only been Black Ajah for 2000 years?

There were Darkfriend Aes Sedai before this, but they were not organised until then

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