The Eye of the World: Chapter 8

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Author: Arn Oakenskye

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A Place of Safety

Chapter Icon: A Staff

Point of View: Rand

Setting: Tam's room in the Winespring Inn

Characters: Rand, Tam, Moiraine, Lan, Thom, Mayor al'Vere, Mistress al'Vere


Moiraine Heals Tam and tells Rand that he, Mat and Perrin were the target of the attack and must leave the village.


Rand takes Moiraine and Lan to Tam's room and the Aes Sedai begins looking Tam over. Thom not wanting to be near or have anything to do with Aes Sedai leaves the room and Lan says he doesn't like the gleeman, he doesn't trust him and saw nothing of him during the attack the night before. Master al'Vere mentions that Thom was there and didn't get his cloak singed sitting in front of the fireplace.

Rand doesn't care what the gleeman did and pleads to stay near his father when Moiraine tells everyone to leave. Moiraine impatiently agrees to let Rand remain and says he may talk, but to do so quietly.

Moiraine begins using the One Power to ease Tam's breathing while Lan and Rand speak in quiet tones. Lan remarks about the sword Rand is carrying, saying how strange it is to see a sheepherder with one. He asks Rand if it by chance has any herons on it, to which Rand replies it does, however Rand is more concerned with what Moiraine is doing. Lan comments that he didn't think to find a heron-mark sword in a place like the Two Rivers and Rand tells him it's Tam's sword, that he'd bought it a long time ago.

Rand watches Moiraine and Tam while talking quietly with the Warder, he says Tam never had any use for the sword, until last night. Lan goes on to tell Rand that in some lands the heron is the symbol of a master swordsman and Tam must not always have thought it was useless.

Rand asks about the night before, about what the mayor told him they (Moiraine and Lan) had done. He asks the Warder if they could have done something differently if they had known about the black cloaked rider sooner. Moiraine jumps into the conversation saying even then they couldn't have done much more without half a dozen of her sisters. She says that by herself, a month's warning wouldn't have made much difference, that there was an entire fist of Trollocs, well over one hundred around the district and that one person can only do so much, even with the One Power.

Moiraine says that she'll not have Rand thinking he is to blame, that the raven they saw the day before should've warned her, but she was too overconfident. Rand is confused about the raven and Lan explains that they are often used as spies for the Dark One as are rats and crows.

Moiraine then explains that Tam's wound came from a tainted blade forged in the valley of Thakan'dar on the slopes of Shayol Ghul. The wound will not heal unaided and if left alone will grow again and consume Tam.

Moiraine uses an angreal carved out of ivory and in the shape of a woman in flowing robes to aid in Healing Tam. Once Moiraine finishes Healing Tam, she joins Lan and Rand's talk. They explain to Rand about the attack and tell him he has to leave the Two Rivers if he wants to protect it.

The Trollocs had a purpose in their attack, to kill or capture young men Rand's age, which includes Perrin and Mat. The Myrddraal was after them and nobody else. Rand doesn't understand why and Moiraine tells him his answers cannot be found in The Two Rivers and that there is something about one or all of them that the Dark One fears. Rand can't believe what he's hearing. They tell him the Myrddraal and Trollocs will be back and Rand begins to understand why he has to leave. Moiraine tells Rand that Tar Valon is a place of safety and he can find the answers to his questions there.

Moiraine and Lan plan to leave after full dark and in secret. The Aes Sedai and Warder then depart to find Perrin and Mat.

The Mayor and his wife return with food for Rand and suggest he get some sleep. Rand agrees, although he tries to stay up in case Tam awakes.


Mysteries Resolved

  • There is something of an explanation for what an angreal is, but not really how they work - an object that allows an Aes Sedai to use moreof the One Power than they could otherwise
  • We learn the black cloaked rider was a Myrddraal


  • Rand thinks Fades are twenty feet tall


First Mention

Bandry Crawe


  • Herons, Rats, Crows, Eagles

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