The Fires of Heaven: Chapter 34

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Author: Val a'Shain

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A Silver Arrow

Chapter Icon: Dream Ter'angreal

Points of View: Nynaeve, Liandrin


Nynaeve's Point of View:

Setting: The border between Amadicia and Ghealdan near Samara, the World of Dreams

Characters: Nynaeve, Thom, Luca, Juilin, Elayne, Birgitte, Graendal, Rahvin, Lanfear, Moghedien

It is Elayne's turn to cook that night so Juilin and Thom join them for dinner. They don't seem to appreciate Nynaeve's cooking. Luca joins them too like most nights. He tries to flirt with Nynaeve but she puts him off. After dinner they leave the dishes to the men and retire for another expedition into Tel'aran'rhiod. Before they go to sleep Elayne tells Nynaeve she shouldn't encourage Luca. Nynaeve protests she is only holding her temper but Elayne seems to think that is like trying to keep the sun from rising in the morning. It is Elayne's turn to visit the World of Dreams but Nynaeve insists she go. She has questions for Birgitte. Reluctantly Elayne agrees but she wants Nynaeve to ask Birgitte again to share the secret with Egwene.

When Nynaeve meets Birgitte in the World of Dreams, the Hero of the Horn tells her she has found Moghedien. She can take Nynaeve for a brief look but she has to promise not to do anything. Five Forsaken are gathered, that is too much for Nynaeve to take on. Nynaeve agrees and the next moment she is spying on Graendal, Rahvin, Lanfear, Moghedien and Sammael. Sammael seems worried that 'he' will be at his throat. There is mention of a teacher too. Most of it seems quibbling. Birgitte takes them away again.

Birgitte and Nynaeve are still discussing what they saw when Moghedien shows up. She throws Birgitte at the reflection of Nynaeve's wagon and knocks her out. Nynaeve finds she is shielded by the Forsaken. She tries to make Moghedien so angry she will kill her quickly but Moghedien seems to have other plans. Behind her Birgitte stirs. Nynaeve keeps Moghedien talking while Birgitte takes aim. She hits the Forsaken with one of her silver arrows but misses the heart. A wounded Moghedien flees and Nynaeve wakes up crying and thinking she has killed Birgitte.

Liandrin's Point of View:

Setting: Amadicia

Characters: Moghedien, Sammael, Liandrin, Chesmal, Temaile

Liandrin's point of view

A wounded and bleeding Moghedien comes running out of her bedroom. She demands Chesmal, who has some abilities in that field Heals her. Chesmal does and as usual the Healing leaves the Forsaken weakened. Liandrin sees her chance and tries to strike at the Forsaken but before she can do any damage Moghedien has her shielded and pinned to the wall. She will live but her punishment is going to be horrible. Neither Chesmal nor Temaile show any compassion.

Moghedien tells them she found out that Nynaeve and Elayne are with a menagerie. She is heading for Samara where a number of them are gathering to look for them and gives the Black Sisters orders to follow as soon as they have seen to Liandrin. After the Forsaken leaves Liandrin starts screaming before her sisters even begin.



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