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Temaile Kinderode is an Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah who is also a member of the Black Ajah (TSR, Ch. 5). She likes to hurt people, enough that another member of the Black Ajah would remark on it (TSR, Ch. 5) and that others would fear her (WH, Ch. 10). In one hundred and thirty years as a member of the Black Ajah, Asne has seldom seen anyone as enthusiastic as Temaile about causing pain (WH, Ch. 10). She was a successful mediator as she liked spreading pain (TFoH, Ch. 18). Her heart included Atuan and Galina (CoT, Prologue). Yukiri felt merely a cool detachment at learning Temaile was Black, possibly, she thought, because she didn't like her (CoT, Prologue). She was captured outisde Caemlyn (KoD, Ch. 33) and killed while trying to escape her prison (ToM, Ch. 23).

She is from Cairhien, fragile looking with big blue eyes which make people trust her (TSR, Ch. 39; TFoH, Ch. 18), short and slight with a foxlike face (TSR, Ch. 52). After leaving the Tower, she takes to wearing clinging robes that Asne considers indecent (WH, Ch. 10).



"Temaile likes to hurt people. She enjoys it." (Amico, The Shadow Rising, Chapter 5)

"She hurts me for no reason except to make me weep. She made me eat an entire trayful of white ice peppers and would not let me drink a drop until I begged on my knees while she laughed! In my dreams she hoists me to the top of the Tower of Morning by my ankles and lets me fall. A dream, but it seems real, and each time she lets me fall screaming a little nearer the ground. And she laughs! She makes me learn lewd dances, and filthy songs, and laughs when she tells me that before they leave she will make me sing and dance to entertain the - " (Amethera, The Shadow Rising, Chapter 54)

"You have never known how high to lift your eyes. ‘Who reaches for the sun will be burned.’ No, I think that I will not be burned for reaching too high. I think that I will do as I am told, and soften you for Evon.” (To Liandrin, The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 34)

"I'd enjoy playing with the others, but they'd be a burden we don't need" (About Sareitha, Careane and Vandene Knife of Dreams, Chapter 31)