The Fires of Heaven: Chapter 40

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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The Wheel Weaves

Chapter Icon: Sunburst

Point of View: Nynaeve

Setting: Samara

Characters: Nynaeve, Uno, Ragan, Galad, Elayne, Birgitte


Nynaeve leads Uno and Ragan down a nearby alley, but Galad follows them. When Uno and Ragan shield Nynaeve from him, Galad informs them that he doesn't want to kill either of them. Nynaeve tells them to let him by. Nynaeve asks what he is doing in Ghealdan. Galad replies that he had had orders for Salidar, but that changed because of the Prophet. As soon as Galad says the name "Salidar", something clicks in Nynaeve's mind.

Galad tells Nynaeve that he has been sick with worry for her and Elayne. He informs her that he will find passage for her and Elayne to Altara, and Nynaeve is stunned. Galad tells her that it is all he can do, now, since his duty is there in Ghealdan. He asks where she and Elayne are staying so that he can get a hold of them when he finds a ship, but Nynaeve is reluctant to tell him. Galad swears on his mother's name that he will let no harm come to them. Nynaeve finally tells him that they are with Valan Luca's show, and Galad is shocked. He wants to buy them a room in town, but Nynaeve refuses, saying that it would attract too much attention if a Whitecloak were to go to any amount of trouble to secure a room for two women. Galad finally agrees.

Nynaeve, Uno and Ragan take off and head back to Valan Luca's show. Along the way, Nynaeve decides that having Uno and Ragan around could be rather helpful. She learns that there are fifteen Shienarans in total who are not completely devoted to Masema. She tells them that one of them will come each day to check in with her, but that they will otherwise stay away, so as not to attract attention, unless a riverboat arrives. Uno and Ragan, leave, and Nynaeve enters the menagerie grounds. She runs into Elayne and Birgitte, who tell her that Luca, Thom and Juilin are out looking for her. Nynaeve tells them all that has happened, and also tells them about Salidar; Salidar is the city where the outlawed Blue Ajah is regrouping.

Nynaeve suddenly realizes that they have been walking towards where she and Birgitte will perform their part of the show, and tries to talk Birgitte out of it. Meanwhile, Elayne is talking about Galad; she says that Galad will hold to his oath, and that they can trust him, though she does not sound as if she particularly likes it.

Birgitte refuses to do the show in the morning, when Nynaeve says that the light will be better. Nynaeve is positioned against a rough wooden fence. She is thinking about how she is now facing punishment for taking so many fool risks, when out of nowhere, an arrow embeds itself into the wood next to her. Her resolve breaks with a wail. When they are done, the crowd rushes towards Birgitte. Nynaeve hurries back to the wagons.

Uno comes that night to speak to Nynaeve, and she tells him to try to make Masema and Galad find a boat as soon as possible.

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