Felaana Bevaine

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Felaana Bevaine is an Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah (NS, Ch. 17). She sided with Elaida when the White Tower split (KoD, Prologue).

She is slim and has yellow hair (NS, Ch. 17), which gleams as if she brushes it several times a day (KoD, Ch. 24). Her voice is raspy (KoD, Prologue).

Felaana appears to be fair-minded. She doesn’t disapprove of having Egwene executed as according to Tower Law, but will take no part in physically harming her otherwise (KoD, Prologue).


  • When Moiraine stays at The Gates of Heaven inn in Canluum on her search for the Dragon Reborn, she runs into five Aes Sedai also staying there, Felaana among them. None of them recognize Moiraine. Felaana is the first to corner her and attempt to send her to the Tower to enroll as a novice (NS, Ch. 17).
  • When Moiraine enters The Gates of Heaven after visiting Jurine Najima, Felaana is in the common room. Merean and Larelle have just recently arrived at the inn, and when they notice Moiraine, Felaana tells them not to bother with her because Moiraine is adamant about not becoming a novice (NS, Ch. 17).
  • Felaana is one of the Aes Sedai sent to capture Egwene. When Katerine slaps Egwene during the drive back to the Tower, Felaana informs her that the slap was unnecessary and that she thinks Katerine gave Egwene too much forkroot. When Katerine moves to slap Egwene again for speaking later on, Felaana stops her. Katerine grasps saidar when Felaana grabs her wrist, and soon all of the Aes Sedai in the coach follow suit; it is very tense for a moment until Felaana lets Katerine free (KoD, Prologue).
  • When Felaana and the others arrive back at the Tower with the captured Egwene, she waves away the backriders who offer to help each of the Aes Sedai from the coach. She leaves for her rooms, wanting to have no more part tonight in Egwene’s capture if Elaida is going to drag it out (KoD, Prologue).
  • On her second night back in the Tower, Egwene goes into the cells to visit Leane. Felaana and Dalevien are guarding Leane’s cell. Felaana is writing in a notebook when Egwene arrives and is polite enough to Egwene (KoD, Ch. 24).


  • Felaana is willing to bend the age rules for novices (NS, Ch. 17).
  • She is enough weaker in the One Power than Merean Redhill and Larelle Tarsi to have to accept being cut off by them (NS, Ch. 17).


“No need trying that one,” Felaana said, twisting around on her bench at a nearby table where she was sitting alone. She had been writing intently in a small leather-bound book, and there was an ink stain on the tip of her nose, of all places. “Says she has no interest in going to the Tower. Stubborn as stone about it. Secretive, too. You would think we'd have heard about a wilder popping up even in a lesser Cairhienin House, but this child likes to keep to herself.” (Felaana to Merean and Larelle about Moiraine; New Spring, Chapter 17)

“She will no doubt be executed,” the raspy-voiced woman said firmly, “but she is an initiate of the Tower, and none of us has the right to beat her.” (Felaana to Katerine about Egwene; Knife of Dreams, Prologue)

“If Elaida means to drag this out unnecessarily, I’ll have no more part in it tonight,” Felaana announced, frowning at everyone in sight including Nicola. “If the girl is to be stilled and executed, that should be sufficient.” Gathering her skirts, the yellow-haired sister darted past Nicola up the stairs. Actually running! The glow of saidar still surrounded her as she vanished inside.” (Felaana; Knife of Dreams, Prologue)