The Gathering Storm: Chapter 11

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The Death of Adrin

Chapter Icon: Frayed Weaving

Point of View: Aviendha

Setting Lord Tellaen's manor

Characters: Aviendha, Lerian, Surial, Adrin, Naeff, Merise, Melaine


Aviendha manages to stop a fire caused by a Bubble of Evil.


Aviendha performs useless labor and watches as Surial and Lerian discuss Rand and what they should do about him having gone to see Rodel Ituralde without guards. She thinks wetlanders are odd. One of the guards on duty, Adrin, starts to complain he is hot and starts to ooze a black charcoal like substance which bursts into flames. She tries to channel them out, but the heat is too great and the building takes fire. At first, she tries to smother it with earth, but when she hears people call for buckets, she realises water would work so diverts the nearby river. A second stream appears, diverted by Naeff and together they extinguish the blaze. Merise claims it is a shame that the White Tower hadn't trained her as sisters could fix the roughness to her weaving. Melaine tells her that none of the sisters with the possible exception of Cadsuane have the skill to manipulate the flows the way she did.

She asks Aviendha about Rand's kidnap plan. Aviendha says it is a good one, but that the chiefs would have responded better if they were told they were taking people into protective custody and that both things can be true. She tries to take the blame for not explaining things properly to Rand, but Melaine says she has no shame. Aviendha says she would not be surprised if Timolan just left with his Miagoma. Melaine tells her the Wise Ones are aware of this and are trying to smooth things. Aviendha realises just how much work the Wise Ones do behind the scenes.

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