The Gathering Storm: Chapter 24

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A New Commitment

Chapter Icon: A Bull

Point of View: Gawyn

Setting: The hills southwest of Tar Valon, and the Rebel Camp.

Characters: Gawyn, Gareth Bryne, and Shemerin


Gawyn arrives at the rebel camp and talks with Gareth Bryne.


Gawyn rides into the rebel camp. As he rides through the outskirts he runs into an Aes Sedai working among the wash ladies, he recognizes her because of her ageless face. He tries to stop her but loses her. When he reaches the command palisade, he starts a fight with a group of soldiers when they don't believe he is who he says he is. This attracts Gareth, as Gawyn intended. They argue for a few minutes, then proceed to talk about Egwene. After explaining the situation to Gawyn, they talk about Elayne. They then go to find the Aes Sedai Gawyn saw earlier and talk about Morgase and Rand along the way. They find the Aes Sedai and learn that she is not an Aes Sedai any longer and that her name is Shemerin. They proceed to take her to the other Aes Sedai.

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