The Gathering Storm: Chapter 7

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The Plan for Arad Doman

Chapter Icon: Spears, stars and crescent moon

Point of View: Nynaeve

Setting: Lord Tellaen's manor

Characters: Nynaeve, Daigian, Rand, Cadsuane, Jahar, Merise, Damer, Elza, Aviendha, Bael, Rhuarc, Bashere


Nynaeve expresses her opinion that Aes Sedai should not be ranked on the basis of how strong they are with the One Power. Rand wants the Aiel to seize the members of the Merchants Council.


Nynaeve and Daigian speak as Daigian teaches her some of the weaves used for the Aes Sedai Test. Nynaeve offers to Heal her of the pain she feels because of Eben's death, but Daigian says pain is part of the process and it wouldn't be right to cheat it. Nynaeve tells Daigian that it is unreasonable the way the other Aes Sedai treat her because of her low position in the hierarchy. Daigian calls her Nynaeve, instead of "dear", which she had been using previously.

Nynaeve leaves to visit Rand and they are joined by a group of others. Rand argues with Bael and Rhuarc about what he has the Aiel doing. Cadsuane interrupts to remind him that the Aiel have not failed him yet. They do not know where Alsalam is. Cadsuane says that the Council of Merchants should have chosen a new king by now, but that they probably like the power they have without one too much. Rand tells Bael and Rhuarc that he needs them to impose peace and to seize the members of the Merchants Council. They object, but he insists and he tells them the Aiel should take over the cities of the Council members they kidnap. They ask for assistance from Bashere so that the Domani will not resist so much.

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