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Weaves: Books 1 - 2 
by: Rhianna Solstice

This is a list of all the weaves used by women in the first two books, in the order they first appear. I have used the Wheel of Time Role playing game book to give the Weaves names, if ones were not stated in the books.

The Eye Of The World

Trace (Spirit) (Moiraine in Ch. 2)

Using this weave on an object means that you will know where that object is at all times. 

Delve (Spirit) (Moiraine in Ch. 8)

Using this weave on an individual will tell you of any injuries or poisons they have in their system. 

Heal (Air, Spirit, Water) (Moiraine in Ch. 8)

Using this weave on an individual will heal him of any injuries he has. 

Voice of Power (Air, Fire) (Moiraine in Ch. 9)

This allows the casters voice to become much louder than it already is. 

Renew (Air, Spirit, Water) (Moiraine in Ch. 11)

This weave give the target renewed strength, and vitality for extra hours. 

Raise Fog (Air, Water) (Moiraine in Ch. 11)

This lets the caster create a fog bank to surround a specified area. 

Whirlpool (Spirit, Water) (Moiraine in Ch. 11)

This creates a whirlpool at the specified point in a body of water. 

Light (Air, Fire) (Egwene al'Vere in Ch. 12)

This creates a light focus, as small as a flame or as big as a lantern. 

Sense Shadowspawn (Spirit) (Moiraine in Ch. 17)

This allows you to know when Shadowspawn are near. 

Mirror of Mists (Air, Fire, Spirit) (Moiraine in Ch. 17)

This makes the caster seem bigger than she is. 

Fireball (Air, Fire) (Moiraine in Ch. 18)

This creates a fireball that the caster can throw at will. 

Earthquake (Earth) (Moiraine in Ch. 18)

This makes the ground shake at a specific point. 

Create Fire (Fire) (Moiraine in Ch. 18)

This makes fire that can be used as a weapon or as a tool. 

Harness the Wind (Air, Water) (Moiraine in Ch. 18)

This creates wind that the caster can control. 

Ward Against evil spirits (Air, Fire, Sprit) (Moiraine in Ch. 19)

This makes an invisible shield with keeps spirits out. 

Lightning (Air, Fire) (Moiraine in Ch. 37)

This creates lightning and it will strike where the caster points. 

Shield (Spirit) (Eight Red Sisters in Ch. 39)

This can be used to stop someone touching the True Source. 

Heal the Mind (Air, Spirit, Water) (Moiraine in Ch. 42)

This allows the caster to help the mind of someone in the throws of madness. 

Seal (Air, Fire, Spirit) (Moiraine in Ch. 42)

If a person opens a door or item with this weave on it, the weave will explode and cause fire. 

Wand of Fire (Earth, Fire) (Moiraine in Ch. 45)

This makes an ordinary rod or cane throw fire around in cutting lines. 

Listening to the Wind (Air, Water) (Nynaeve in Ch. 48)

This allows the caster to know when the weather will change, or when a storm is coming. 

Folded light / Bending (Air, Fire) (Moiraine in Ch. 48)

This allows the caster to fold light, to make things seem not to be there. 

The Great Hunt

Ward Against People (Air, Fire, Spirit) (Moiraine in Ch. 4)

This is an invisible shield to keep people out. 

Circle of Silence (Air, Fire, Water) (Siuan in Ch. 4)

This creates a bubble around the caster so no sound may leave. 

Compulsion (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Spirit) (Liandrin in Ch. 5)

This bends others will to your own. 

Tool of Air (Air) (Siuan in Ch. 18)

This makes a simple tool out of air. 

Harden Air (Air) (Siuan in Ch. 18)

This makes the air around a target harden, so they can not move. 

Arms of Air (Air) (Siuan in Ch. 28)

This lets you hold a target up into the air. 

Earth Delving (Air) (Egwene al'Vere in Ch. 42)

This lets you find ore and precious metals below ground.

Weaves in the Roleplaying game

There are weaves featured in the roleplaying game that have not been used or mentioned in the series. Though these seem to generally work within the context of the books, some seem to be based on supposition over observed events that later proves false.