The Golden Swans of Heaven

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Author: Kerna Shedrian


The Golden Swans of Heaven is a small inn in Ebou Dar. It is situated between a public stable and a lacquerware shop. The common room has round tables and a railless stair at the side of the room up to the bedrooms. The innkeeper is a woman named Darnella Shoran and she has strict rules about men visiting women in her inn.

Bethamin and many sul'dam stay at the inn when the city is taken. The innkeeper is ordered to accomodate as many as possible and fits four or five to a bed in some cases. Almurat Mor breaks into the room Bethamin shares with Iona and another and waits for her. He orders her to renew her friendship with Egeanin and spy on her.

(Reference: Winter's Heart, Chapter 20)