Winter's Heart: Chapter 20

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn

A'dam Chapter Icon.png

Questions of Treason

Chapter Icon: a'dam

Point of View: Bethamin

Setting: Ebou Dar

Characters: Bethamin Zeami, Almurat Mor


A Seeker for Truth wants the sul'dam Bethamin to spy on Egeanin and Bayle Domon.


Above in the attic of the Tarasin Palace, Bethamin and Renna are inspecting the damane. When Bethamin examines Teslyn Baradon's kennel, she suspects the woman of plotting to run away and writes out an order to double her training.

Bethamin is constantly thinking of Renna and Seta, how she found them collared in Falme, and how the fact that sul'dam are potential marath'damane might shake the Empire.

After finishing her duties she walks back to The Golden Swans of Heaven, where she shares a bed with two other sul'dam. In her room, a Seeker for Truth is waiting for her.

He wants her to spy on Egeanin, because he suspects her and her so'jhin Bayle Domon to be in cahoots with Suroth and Aes Sedai. His theory reaches back to the incidents in Falme, where the High Lord Turak was murdered.

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