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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion, confirming the information. Other information is also included in the Companion, but we did not use it in the TarValon.Net Library.

Author: Sayerin Assnobahr


Weiramon is one of the High Lords of Tear. His background is unknown. Rand thinks of him as foolish (LoC, Ch. 4).

He usually wears his beard oiled and his hair is streaked with gray, combed in a way that is intended to hide its thinness, and he has a long nose (LoC, Ch. 4; TFoH, Ch. 41). He puts on elaborately silver-worked boots. He is known to openly hate Illianers, Cairhienin and the Aiel, whom he considers "savages" (LoC, Ch. 4).

His banner is a silver crescent and stars. He is not present at the first gathering of Lords in Tear that recognizes Rand (TSR, Ch. 8), but much later.


  • Rand and his forces are five miles east of Cairhien. The Shaido have surrounded the city and Rand has three camps below him. The third camp is the infantry, which is mostly Cairhienin with more than seventeen hundred men. They were all brought in from the south by Lord Weiramon. He has brought news from Tear about pirates and brigands from Illian (TFoH, Ch. 41).
  • Rand meets the clan chiefs and Weiramon to reconsider the final plans of the battle with Shaido and how they should be changed (TFoH, Ch. 42).
  • Rand thinks the best way to get rid of the foolish Weiramon is to send him back to Tear to get control over the bandits and pirates on the Plains of Maredo (TFoH, Ch. 43).
  • Rand thinks it was necessary to send Weiramon away if he wanted to deal better with Sammael (TFoH, Ch. 44).
  • It becomes evident for Mat that Rand wants him to join Weiramon and lead the Tairen army. Mat is not very pleased about it (TFoH, Ch. 51).
  • In the Plains of Maredo, where Rand's army is near the border of Tear, Rand visits Weiramon who is in a large pavilion and he tells Rand that some High Lords have rebelled. He reports, as well as some of the Aiel, that there are still five camps left. Weiramon is willing to start an attack immediately but Rand tells him to wait until Mat comes (LoC, Ch. 4).
  • Rand sends two Asha'man to Semaradrid and Weiramon secretly to act as links. They have to hide who they are because afterwards they'll meet Sammael and fight him (ACoS, Ch. 7).
  • With his forces, Weiramon arrives at Sammael's whereabouts earlier than necessary. The foot soldiers, which he often disregards, are left behind. He attacks too fast and Sammael attacks back which makes Rand furious (ACoS, Ch. 41).
  • Rand has gathered the Council of Nine. He openly shows his distaste towards the Illianers and advises Rand to attack one of the still active bands of the Illianer army (TPoD, Ch. 13).
  • With a large group of people Rand Travels to Illian. Weiramon and some other Lords accompany him (TPoD, Ch. 21).
  • In the first fights with Seanchan Weiramon leads the attack, but later he foolishly abandons his post to chase a Seanchan band and puts Rand to danger of being attacked. Later he wonders why Rand wants to keep the sul'dam. After the battle he thinks it was a great victory but with small honor in it. He offers an advance to Ebou Dar (TPoD, Ch. 23).
  • When he hears the Stone of Tear is under seige, he and Anaiyella go to Tear with their Armsmen and unsuccessfully attack the rebels (KoD, Ch. 21).
  • After Darlin is made King, Weiramon asks Rand to be allowed to contribute and is told to prepare to go to Arad Doman with Darlin (KoD, Ch. 21).
  • He is with Darlin and the other assembled Lords when Rand returns to Tear (TGS, Ch. 42).
  • When Rand returns from Dragonmount, Weiramon is unable to look at Rand and is identified as a Darkfriend. Rand sends him away, telling him to let other Darkfriends know they can no longer hide among Rand's allies (ToM, Ch. 13).


Rand thought getting rid of Weiramon and putting Melanril in command was a mistake in the battle of Aiel against Aiel, but he had to get rid of Weiramon's foolish actions (TFoH, Ch. 43).

Weiramon expresses his approval that Rand is guarded by Tairens and not by Cairhienin or Illianers, who in his opinion would plot against him, and also explains his distaste for foot soldiers (TPoD, Ch. 21).

By the time Rand's forces Travel to Altara, Weiramon does not like the idea of receiving orders from Bashere (TPoD, Ch. 22).

Bertome's opinion of Weiramon is that he's a fool (TPoD, Ch. 23).

Samitsu is surprised to see Bertome Saighan and Weiramon walking peacefully and chatting in the corridors of the Sun Palace, neither reaching for the dagger at his belt (CoT, Prologue).

Anaiyella has apparently started wearing a favor in Weiramon's colours (TGS, Ch. 42).


  • Weiramon's banner is silver Crescent and Stars. It lacks a few stars to resemble Lanfear's (TFoH, Ch. 41).
  • Melanril informs Mat that Rand has sent Weiramon back to Tear to deal with bandits and pirates on the Plains of Maredo (TFoH, Ch. 43).
  • Rand thinks he has made his start against Sammael by sending Weiramon away (TFoH, Ch. 45).
  • In an attempt to avoid Aviendha, Rand decides that instead of meeting Bashere he should go and visit Weiramon (LoC, Ch. 3).
  • Rand gives Weiramon the House Saniago and Semaradrid the House Maravin (LoC, Ch. 4).
  • Weiramon together with Tolmeran, Rosana, Gregorin and Semaradrid rush to the council tent eager to bring Rand the news that Lord Brend's people made the wise decision to submit (TPoD, Ch. 14).


"Weiramon was not short for a Tairen, though Rand stood a head taller, but he always reminded Rand of a banty rooster, all puffed out chest and strutting. 'All hail the Lord Dragon,' he intoned, bowing, 'soon to be Conqueror of Illian. All hail the Lord of the Morning.' The rest were no more than a breath behind, Tairens spreading arms wide, Cairhienin touching hand to heart" (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 4).

"'It shall be as you say, my Lord Dragon,' Weiramon said heavily. The man was brave enough when it came to battle, but a pure blind idiot unable to think beyond the glory of the charge, his hatred of Illianers, his contempt for Cairhienin and Aiel 'savages.' Rand was sure Weiramon was exactly the man he needed" (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 4).

"The arrangement seemed to be working out well. As with Semaradrid and Weiramon in Tear, the Cairhienin accepted a Mayener as governor as much because she was not Aiel as because Rand appointed her. Berelain did know what she was doing, and she at least listened to advice offered by Rhuarc, speaking for the clan chiefs remaining in Cairhien" (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 17).

"High Lords Weiramon and Tolmeran spurred together from the Tairens, as crusted with gold and silver as any of the Nine, and Rosana, newly raised to High Lady and wearing a breastplate worked with the Hawk-and-Stars of her House. There, too, others half made as if to follow then hung back, looking worried" (The Path of Daggers, Chapter 13).

"'My Lord Dragon,' Weiramon intoned. 'I cannot express how happy I am to see you guarded by Tairens, my Lord Dragon. Surely the world would weep if anything untoward happened.' He was too intelligent to come out and call the Companions untrustworthy. By a hair, he was."

"'Sooner or later it would,' Rand said dryly. After a good part of it finished celebrating. 'I know how hard you'd cry, Weiramon.'" (The Path of Daggers, Chapter 21).

"'I want you to deliver a message for me. To the others of your...association. Tell them they cannot hide among my allies any longer'" Rand speaking to Weiramon (Towers of Midnight, Chapter 13).