The Path of Daggers: Chapter 19

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The Law

Chapter Icon: A serpent twisted through a square

Point of View: Egwene

Setting: The rebel Aes Sedai camp

Characters: Egwene, Bryne, Siuan, Sheriam, Takima, Lelaine, Romanda


Egwene tricks the Hall to declare war on Elaida and grant her greater powers under the Law of War.


Bryne offers to stay with Egwene, but she declines, as it would reveal that he serves her and not the Hall. Back at the camp, the Hall is called to Sit. Egwene discusses with Siuan what they intend to do with the Hall. Sheriam comes to see her, unhappy that she was not been informed of whatever the plan is and convinced that Romanda or Lelaine will be named Keeper.

The Hall convenes and Egwene calls a question to ask who will declare war on Elaida. Lelaine and Romanda try to shelve it, but Egwene tells them matters of war cannot be tabled and is backed up by Takima, who has read the Law of War. Egwene argues that they need to declare war to convince the world they are serious about deposing Elaida. Janya is the first to agree, followed by Escaralde. Samalin and Malind of the Greens stand as do Salita, Kwamesa, Aledrin and Berana. Delana rises unhappily. Moria makes a passionate outburst, causing Lelaine and Lyrelle to join, making the lesser consensus. The pre-split Sitters, except the Blues and Janya, together with Romanda remain seated. Egwene calls for the greater consensus to show unity, which Romanda refuses. Egwene tells Takima to tell the Hall about the Law of War and she reveals that when war is declared, the Amyrlin Seat is solely responsible for directing it and that all decisions regarding it must be approved with the greater consensus. She tells Lelaine that respect will be required or she will un-seat her and have her birched, then tells Romanda the same so she doesn't gain an advantage. She tells them that in one month they will Travel and begin the siege of Tar Valon. Takima starts weeping at this news.

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