The Path of Daggers: Chapter 20

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Lion Chapter Icon.png

Into Andor

Chapter Icon: The Lion of Andor

Point of View: Elayne

Location: Andor

Characters: Elayne, Alise, Aviendha, Nynaeve


Nynaeve heals those who were injured while escaping the Seanchan. The group rides on to Caemlyn.


Nynaeve Heals the group from the injuries they received while fleeing the Seanchan. They ride to Elayne's family estates, where Alise organises the Kin's women and nobles and quietens discord. The next morning, they ride on to Caemlyn. Elayne asks opinions on who people want for Queen, hearing various other rumours, most of which she dismisses. She is disappointed that under interrogation, Ispan fails to reveal anything useful, merely old plots. She examines ter'angreal, being careful until one causes her to pass out, with no memory of what happens and amusement from everyone else. Aviendha uses some of the jewels she got from Laman's sword sheath to buy them woolen clothes. Merilille begins teaching the Windfinders how to channel, to the horror of some, but not all of the Kin. This concerns Elayne, but not Nynaeve, who has been encouraging them to show more backbone. In Tel'aran'rhiod, they see a message left by Egwene telling them to stay in Caemlyn and to be careful.

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