The Shadow Rising: Chapter 22

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Author: Inanna Landred

Portal Stone Chapter Icon.png

Out of the Stone

Chapter Icon: Portal Stone

Point of View: Rand

Setting: Outside of Tear

Characters: Rand, Egwene, Mat, Moiraine, Lan, Aviendha, Rhuarc


Rand leads a procession of Aiel out of Tear under the Dragon banner. Rand refused to announce his trek out of the city, but word spread like wildfire anyway as they leave the Stone. People flock to see the large number of Aiel. Rand and Egwene briefly discuss if Rand should have let them take the "fifth". Rand mentions that he saw Aviendha showing Rhuarc a silver bowl, and Egwene turns around to say that it IS their custom after all. It is a strange procession with the Aiel, Lan and Moiraine and Rand on his new horse Jeade'en, "True Finder" in the old tongue. Egwene starts talking to Rand about Elayne but Moiraine cuts in, demanding to know Rand's plan. He tells them he means to take them to Rhuidean by means of a Portal Stone only one hour's ride away from Tear. The plan is not met with approval, everybody thinks he is mad to try and use the Portal Stone and will probably kill them all in the process. Rand offers Mat the chance to leave right there and then, but Mat refuses saying he wants to see Rhuidean. They ride on till they reach the spot where the Portal Stone should be located although all Rand has to go on are some old maps he found in the library of the Stone. He tells them about the manuscript he found from a peddler who ventured into the Waste and claimed to see a golden city floating above the clouds, but more to the point how he describes a Portal Stone near Rhuidean in details. So this is how Rand is sure there is a Portal Stone out there as well. The old maps are different from the landscape now and Rand is not sure exactly where to find the stone. Lan suggests he sends out the Aiel to find the stone. Rhuarc picks members​ from every clan until a good quarter of them are fanning out over the surrounding hills to find the Stone. Rand watches them go and muses about the Jenn Aiel, about Aiel and their blood feuds, and wonders out loud what it is that holds them together now, here.

Rhuarc says they follow the prophecy and seek He Who Comes With The Dawn and how none may shed blood on the grounds of Rhuidean.

Aviendha finds the Stone and Rand tries to decide which is the right symbol that will take them to the Stone in Rhuidean out of all the symbols on the Stone. With the help of Rhuarc he finds the symbol for Rhuidean and under the heavy protests of his friends he prepares to channel through it.

Rand gets everyone close around him and gets ready to channel through the Portal Stone with help of an angreal he found in the Great Hold, a little fat man holding a sword across his knees. When everyone is ready, he draws on the Power through the angreal and suddenly the world blinks out of existence.

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