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There are many hints that the World of the Wheel of Time is our world in another age. Many of the characters take their names from Arthurian Legend, especially the Andoran royals, and people such as Lenn, Salya and Materese among others seem to derive their names from people in our world. In a similar manner much of Mat's story mirrors that of Odin, including the connection to ravens, being hanged for knowledge and the loss of an eye. There are however differences, such as the peach being poisonous (This passage needs a reference) and the length of the year, which based on the Calendar seems to be slightly longer than ours, as the extra day every ten years on Feast of All Souls' Salvation does not shift the seasons. See our Ages of the Wheel Theory for more speculation and details. Many of the words in the Old Tongue are derived from the English Language

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