The White Ring

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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

The White Ring is an inn in Maderin. It is a three storey building on a thin road facing a cutler's shop. The sign above the door shows an image of a frilly white garter. The common room is spacious, with wood-paneled walls, a thick-beamed ceiling and a wide stone fireplace. It has square tables and low-backed chairs and a polished brass barrel-clock on the mantel. The innkeeper is a woman called Mistress Heilin and Jera is the name of one of the serving girls.

Mat brings Tuon there when she requests to see a hell - an inn with a low reputation and patrons. Thom, knowing that Tuon has led a sheltered life, believes the White Ring will satisfy her and they pretend it is a hell. Selucia accompanies them. Thom goes off to talk to other patrons to learn what he can and Mat and Selucia drink wine while Tuon tries her first ale, which she sips, before they join a dice game with three merchants; Master Vane, Camrin, Kostelle, and their buyer; Mistress Alstaing. Mat wins but when he notices Mistress Alstaing's suspicious gaze he loses on the last throw. As the ladies visit the necessary, Thom returns with the news he learnt. They leave immediately.

(Reference: Knife of Dreams, Chapter 11)