Towers of Midnight: Chapter 31

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Author: Bryce al'Mara

Dice Chapter Icon.png

Into the Void

Chapter Icon: Five dice, arranged in a ring

Point of View: Mat

Location: Caemlyn

Characters: Mat, gholam, Talmanes


Mat finally takes care of the gholam.


Mat is gambling, playing Koronko's Spit at The Dusty Wheel, a game which he was not familiar with. He rolls five ones. Rittle tells him he lost but he is feeling his luck and knows that he won despite not knowing the rules. Mat tells them it was not a loss and Saddler reaches for his knife. Mat asks if they should ask around about the rules. He takes out his foxhead medallion and his ashandarei and asks if anyone knows the rules of the game. No one answers and one of the men starts to speak but the other one stops him looking at the medallion and whispers in his ear. They then get up and leave, leaving their coin on the ground. Mat walks out of the inn and ties the medallion to the ashandarei. Before he is one street away a group attack him but Talmanes jumps out of the shadows with some men and the people flee. The members of the Band fads back into the darkness. Mat walks for a long while and the gholam finally shows up thanking Mat for delivering himself. Mat's men place lanterns around them. The gholam rushes Mat and they make attempts to injure each other until Mat finally lands a hit on the gholam's arm. Mat attacks the gholam head on landing several blows and even slicing its tendon which does nothing to it. The the gholam stops, turns around, and goes for Mat's men. Mat orders his men to retreat and they all listen but Talmanes. The gholam kicks over andout each of the lanterns except for Talmanes' because he picks his up and runs. The gholam chases. Mat throws his ashandarei at the gholam as it chases Talmanes but it misses him but then the gholam trips over it. The gholam then grabs the ashandarei and throws it away laughing and comes at Mat who surprises it by pulling out two more foxhead medallions that Elayne made and burning each of the gholam's palms. The gholam rushes into the burning building, Mat follows and grabs his ashandarei. They fight inside for a while until Mat forces it back into a room where it falls through a gateway that Sumeko made.


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.

Character Development

  • Worried about who the gholam will go after next Mat finally comes up with a way to defeat it.


First Mention

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