Towers of Midnight: Chapter 41

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An Unexpected Ally

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Points of View: Galad, Perrin


Perrin saves the Whitecloaks from the Trollocs.


Galad's Point of View:

Setting The Whitecloak camp

Characters: Byar, Dain, Galad

The arrows from the Two Rivers men miss the Whitecloaks and they see thousands of Trollocs coming down the road. Galad organises the men to resist. Byar insists that Perrin brought the Trollocs so that he could kill him, just as he did in the Two Rivers, but Bornhald and Galad thinks this makes little sense.

Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: Above the Whitecloak camp

Characters: Berelain, Faile, Grady, Perrin

Perrin tells Faile and Berelain to go behind the lines. Berelain is concerned and he tells them he has worked out that a trap has been laid for him. Grady tells Perrin he can sense one male channeler, bringing the Trollocs sporadically. Perrin asks him to interfere if he can.

Galad's Point of View:

Setting: Battlefield

Characters: Dain, Galad

Galad fights Trollocs, one of them kills Stout. Bornhald saves him and they see the northern section of the Whitecloak lines breaking. He realises the Light won't protect them.

Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: Battlefield

Characters: Galad, Perrin

Perrin is killing Trollocs, each time mah'alleinir touches one, it burns them. He realises that whoever is leading the Trollocs understands tactics. The Asha'man, Wise Ones and Aes Sedai are mostly focusing on killing the Myrddraal. Perrin tells Gallenne he is going to ride down the hill to try and save the Whitecloaks. Gallenne thinks that is unwise but agrees to go with Perrin.

Galad's Point of View:

Setting: Battlefield

Characters: Byar, Dain, Galad, Perrin

Galad sees arrows fall into the Trollocs surrounding him as Perrin leads a charge down the hill. Perrin's entire army, tens of thousands of men join the fight. His ankle breaks and Perrin pulls him onto his horse. It becomes clear that the charge has worked and Galad realises he can trust Perrin. He names his punishment as five hundred crowns blood price to the families of the men he killed and that he should fight in the Last Battle, Byar sees this and attacks, but before he can do any harm, Dain prevents it, killing him. The battle continues.


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The Whitecloaks

This takes a huge leap when Perrin saves them. The subplot of Byar and Bornhald's hatred of Perrin moves forward with the death of Byar at Bornhald's hands.

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