Towers of Midnight: Chapter 52

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Chapter Icon: Rising Sun

Points of View: Elayne, Mat


Elayne takes the throne of Cairhien.


Elayne's Point of View:

Setting: The Royal Palace and the Sun Palace

Characters: Birgitte, Charlz Guybon, Elayne, Lorstrum Aesnan, Samitsu, Sashalle

Elayne and Birgitte are in the Queen's Plaza preparing to go to Cairhien. Four Kinswomen arrive to go with her and another weaves a gateway ahead. Elayne rides through with Birgitte and Guybon at her side. They ride to the Sun Palace where Sashalle tells her that Rand cedes control of Cairhien to her. In the throne room, Birgitte tests the cushion on the throne and finds a poisoned needle. She sits down to be sure. Lorstrum tells her they will find who was responsible, but that it was undoubtedly aimed at Rand, not Elayne. She tells the nobility that they will be riding to the Field of Merrilor to meet the Dragon Reborn and that they should conscript every man there is.

Mat's Point of View:

Location: Caemlyn

Characters: Mat, Setalle

Mat has learned Tuon is now Empress. He sees Rand in a tent somewhere. He talks with Setalle who tells him that Joline has arrived in Tar Valon and much to his surprise, spoke highly of him. He tells her he doesn't like nobles because they have too many boots, which she takes as a metaphor for responsibility. He plans to go to the Tower of Ghenjei and that if Elayne hasn't found Setalle a gateway by the time he returns, he will get her one.


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Character Development

  • Mat's explanation for his dislike of nobles is patently ridiculous.
  • Elayne is intending to join Egwene and oppose Rand.

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