Towers of Midnight (Brief Plot Summary)

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Perrin encounters the Whitecloaks and agrees to a trial, where the WHite cloaks want to prove his guilt in killing two of their soldiers. Galad recognizes Morgase among Perrin's followers and asks her for judgment; Perrin is found guilty. He saves them from a Trolloc army and Galad names the punishment as blood money. He gives an oath to follow Perrin until the Last Battle.

Rand tells Egwene he intends to break the seals. She assumes this is wrong and opposes him, writing to all the leaders of the world to encourage them to join her. Egwene and several of the Aes Sedai, plus Amys, Bair, and Melaine, fight Mesaana and members of the Black Ajah in Tel'aran'rhiod. With the inadvertent help of Perrin, who is chasing Slayer, they are victorious and Mesaana's mind is crushed. Gawyn is wounded while fending off Bloodknives sent to kill the Amyrlin and Egwene bonds him to save his life.

Mat contacts Elayne and arranges to have Andor make Aludra's dragons. Elayne takes the throne of Cairhien. Mat fights the gholam and forces it to fall into the darkness in a skimming gateway. He Travels to the Tower of Ghenjei and rescues Moiraine, losing an eye and Noal in the process, who turns out to be Jain Farstrider himself.

Rodel loses most of his army fighting outside Maradon. He is saved when Rand arrives and kills the entire Trolloc army. Nynaeve heals Naeff's madness, passes her Aes Sedai test and takes Lan's bond. Lan makes it across the Borderlands, gathering a small army and leads a charge against a Trolloc force ten times his size at Tarwin's Gap.

The Seanchan learn Traveling and begin to plan for a full attack on the White Tower.

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