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Tremonsien is a village in Cairhien that Rand, Loial and Hurin pass through on their way to the capital. Like many villages, it covers the top of a hill, sculpted into terraces with stone retaining walls. The streets are mostly straight and the gardens exact. The people of the village are typical Cairhienin, none taller than Rand's shoulder and dark eyes with pale, narrow faces. The village inn, lies at the very top of the hill (TGH, Ch. 20. Lanfear/Selene temporarily leaves them here as Aldrin Caldevwin playing Daes Dae'mar with Rand makes her suspicious (TGH, Ch. 21). When Rand cleanses the taint, Barmellin sees the sphere glowing with the Power (WH, Ch. 35).

Buildings in Tremonsien

The Nine Rings (this is apparently named after an adventure story), the innkeeper is Maglin Madwen

Characters from Tremonsien

Barin Madwen




Mother Caredwain