Varan Marcasiev

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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Varan Marcasiev is the High Seat of House Marcasiev in Kandor. He is also the ruling lord in the city of Canluum (NS, Ch. 15).

Lord Marcasiev is described to be grave and proud, and Lan thinks to himself that he is given entirely to his duties (NS, Ch. 15).

Varan's banner is of the Red Stag (NS, Ch. 15).


  • Lord Marcasiev has commanded the city guards to keep the peace strictly because the city is on edge, with tales of a man channeling, murders in the street and strange accidents (NS, Ch. 15).
  • When he arrives in Canluum, Lan decides not to pay his respects to Lord Marcasiev because he knows that Varan would rather not have to arrange the balls and hunts that would accompany Lan's arrival at his palace (NS, Ch. 15).


"The Red Stag waved above every tower. A proud man, was Lord Varan, the High Seat of House Marcasiev; Queen Ethenielle die not fly so many of her own banners even in Chachin itself." (Lan; New Spring, Chapter 15).

"'Varan Marcasiev will hold us a week or more with ceremony,' Lan said, turning down a narrower street that led away from the Stand. 'With what we've heard of bandits and the like, he will be just as happy if I don't appear to make my bows.' True enough. He had met the High Seat of House Marcasiev only once, years past, but he remembered a grave-faced man given entirely to his duties. Lord Marcasiev would arrange those balls and hunts, and regret every one." (Lan; New Spring, Chapter 15).