Winter's Heart: Chapter 13

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Author: Val a'Shain

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Wonderful News

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Points of View: Cadsuane, Demandred


Cadsuane meets with several people. Alanna is found unconscious. The Forsaken plan on killing Rand when he tries to cleanse saidin.


Cadsuane's Point of View:

Characters: Cadsuane, Harine, Derah, Sorilea, Verin, Corele, Jahar, Alanna, Ihvon

Setting: Sun Palace Cairhien, unknown location.

Cadsuane is receiving the Sea Folk women Harine and Derah in one of the lesser halls of the Sun Palace. They demand the return of their Windfinder Shalon. Cadsuane has no intention of handing her back until she is done with her of course. Cadsuane lets her mind wander for a bit, most of her activities in Cairhien are just distractions from what is really important: the boy.

The door opens to admit Sorilea and Verin and Cadsuane's mind shifts to their agreement and what looks like the beginning of a friendship between Sorilea and herself. Still, the woman may have other goals. Harine has the nerve to tap Cadsuane on her face to get her attention back. That is something she can't allow. She makes it very clear to the Sea Folk women that they will not get their Windfinder back until Cadsuane is done with her and that she will not be touched without permission again. Then she sends them off with an Aes Sedai as an escort to meditate on civility.

Sorilea now tells Cadsuane that the last of the Aes Sedai in the care of the Wise Ones asked to serve the Dragon Reborn. Sorilea accepted. Cadsuane doesn't like that at all, this isn't merely the influence of a ta'veren. Sorilea now turns her attention to some of her apprentices that are in the hall spending an idle morning.

Verin also has distracting news for Cadsuane. Bera and Kiruna were getting nowhere with their investigation so Verin had a word alone with Shalon. She found out Shalon and Ailil had become pillowfriends, something both the Sea Folk and Cairhienin would disapprove of if it became public. Although she dislikes doing it Cadsuane does make sure she gets something in return for keeping that information confidential. Ailil is to be released immediately, Shalon is to be held till the following day. No need to make the Sea Folk think their demands are being met.

Behind Verin Cadsuane sees Corele, a Yellow sister slip into the room. She has wonderful news she says. Damer has managed to heal Irgain as if she has never been stilled. Wonderful, indeed! A man Healing what cannot be healed. And he wants to try with the remaining sister Rand has stilled too. Still, only a distraction from what is really important.

Jahar now comes in and reports Alanna is unconscious and cannot be revived again. Everybody in the room rushed to the bed Alanna was taken to when she collapsed. Her Warder Ihvon tells them there is nothing wrong with her that he can tell but that she is somehow afraid to wake up. There is nothing for it but to sit down and wait till she wakes up.

Demandred's Point of View:

Setting: Unknown location.

Characters: Demandred, Graendal, Aran'gar, Osan'gar, Moridin, Cyndane

Demandred lets his frustration about not knowing where al'Thor is show. None of the other Forsaken seem to be worried though. Graendal seems to think al'Thor succeeding would be dangerous for the male Forsaken as well as his failure. If he manages to cleanse the male half of the power the men will no longer need the Great Lord's protection from the taint, and the Great Lord is suspicious. Osan'gar doesn't seem worried; he doesn't think al'Thor can find a way to cleanse the male half.

Moridin makes his appearance with Cyndane trotting behind him. He tells them al'Thor means to use the Choedan Kal to cleanse the Source. Aran'gar objects, saying the keys were destroyed but Moridin corrects her. When al'Thor starts channeling so much of the Power they'll know where he is. They will find him and take him, or kill him if that is necessary. Those are the orders of the Nae'blis. Privately Demandred starts to think of how to get rid of Moridin, he is Nae'blis now, but that could change...

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