Administrative and Staff Positions in 2001

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2002 >>

Positions in 2001. Much of the information from the early years of TarValon.Net is lost, but some information has survived.


Amyrlin Seat
Keeper of the Chronicles
Master at Arms


Blue Head of Ajah
Brown Head of Ajah
Gray Head of Ajah
Green Head of Ajah
Red Head of Ajah
White Head of Ajah
Yellow Head of Ajah
Mistress of Novices


The Hall

Blue Ajah - Moradi Lopanes
Brown Ajah - Elyna al'Tzoran
Gray Ajah - Lailauni al'Dager
Green Ajah - Amaria al'Salar
Red Ajah - Lesani Cuthron
White Ajah - Arthaine Dasin
Yellow Ajah - Jayne Thasthon

Other Staff