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An Ajahian Compatibilitic Hypothesis

A Project Researched and Written by Arie Tarou, Accepted of the White Tower

Poll Results May be Found Here:[1]

Before I jump into a huge explanation as to what my project is all about, I first want to insert a Disclaimer. Before any judgment calls, finger pointing or braid tugging starts I recommend reading this piece in its entirety. I in no way endorse choosing an Ajah based on the compatibility of another's research, especially without seeking out what each Ajah is all about. Every individual will have their own experiences and should never choose based only on the words of others.

The answer you want is within yourself. You must seek it. - Shar , WFR, Sword of Truth

It was during a series of spamming threads that I put forward the question, 'are people attracted to Ajah's based on personality compatibility or are Ajah choices more random'. So, in order to start working on this project I first started going out and collecting information of the active Ajah Members and with the use of the simple 12-star Astrological Zodiac I put this hypothesis to the test.

And that was a really long run-on sentence[s]. Oops.

Although it was assumed that I was simply seeking out the zodiac signs of all the Aes Sedai there was one flaw in this set of data that essentially would negate the product of this project. In order to judge who was attracting who, I needed to know who was active and enticing young Accepteds to each given Ajah. Members that were not actively taunting these poor innocent creatures could hardly play a part in the ratio of aspirants to each Ajah. (Did I mention that I'm occasionally entertaining in my articles? This is why my Professors rarely took me seriously...) So instead of relying solely on the exorbitant amount of information provided by the lovely Eireann Sedai and Cealestis Sedai, for which it was very enlightening in its own right, I chose to continue my 85% fruitful plot... er plan to poll each Ajah.

If there was one thing I learned from this project aside from the subject at hand; If you ever poll/interview or otherwise inquire into more than one Ajah, be sure to do it while you are guesting and able to encourage conversation. Your results will significantly increase and you learn a lot more about an Ajah then simply a thread of stats and basic commentary. Who would have known that a certain Blue Sister was all about the Skepticism. Rather entertaining on my end, at the very least anyway.

So, after all that searching, nagging and generally nearly forgotten results; what was the final verdict on this Ajahian Compatibilitic Hypothesis?

Although the numbers are fairly even across the board, a few Ajah's did show a significant comparable compatibility. The Red Ajah consisted mostly Fire and Water signs, the Blue Ajah dominated the Fire signs while also showing more numbers in Earth Signs. The Green Ajah had fairly balanced numbers of Fire, Earth and Water signs, the White Ajah barely peaked Fire and Water, while the Gray Ajah consists mostly of Air, Water and Earth signs. The Brown Ajah, however, mostly consists of Earth and Water signs and were less forthcoming on the polls. And one would think the Blue Ajah would have been the Ajah with the mysterious intrigue?

This is probably a bunch of gibberish to the majority of the readers, so allow me to break it down. Traditionally, Fire signs are compatible with other fire signs, and Air signs. Air signs are compatible with other Air signs, and Fire signs. Water signs are compatible with other Water signs, and Earth signs. Earth signs are compatible with other Earth signs, and Water signs. In other, simpler words, Fire and Air signs being compatible with each other, and Earth and Water signs being compatible with each other.

Based on the polls, the Red Ajah already goes against this compatibility base by predominately having more Fire and Water signs, while the Brown Ajah are a perfect example of compatibility based on personality [zodiac] types. So, in a way, my hypothesis of Ajah Compatibility based on personality/zodiac types was proven both right, and wrong. In the end, how does this effect the conclusion of this bit of research, but instead of defying compatibility, I am more inclined to believe we Define compatibility.

Every individual is gifted with unique gifts, talent and flaws. Although it is probable that there is a unique order to this based on star alignment, time of birth and other innumerable factors, it does not necessarily define the one individual or the next. Instead we each bring to each Ajah a unique set of gifts that -instead of being compatible- are complimentary to the Ajah. There may be a grand number of Leo's in the Blue Ajah, but they would not be complete without that one Aquarius who then brings a new dynamic and energy to the Ajah as a whole. A Whole that would not be complete without that one Aes Sedai.

In Conclusion, I whole heartedly recommend a different way of regarding Ajah Choice. Instead of the 'how well do I fit with the others' mantra, ask instead 'how do I effect, and what can I bring to this Ajah'. Does your enthusiasm bring about positive actions and activity that the Ajah thrives on, or is your shy subtle contributions taken into effect even if it is so very small? Every Ajah is as unique as the individual that contributes to it. Don't be afraid to make a choice, knowing that each and every one of them went through the exact same thing.

Additional Fun Facts

I polled all the Ajah's, asking them what their zodiacs are. In the process I also asked which characters in the books they related to. Of course this is all circumstantial and in no way absolute fact, but it was really entertaining to write up at 3-4 am. Enjoy!

  • The Yellow Ajah, predictably, are mostly recognized as Nynaeve's.
  • The White Ajah is the most balanced and over all equally sought Ajah with close numbers in all polls.
  • There are only Two women that found themselves relating to Chosen/Forsaken Characters;Lanfear and Graendal. Moghedien got mentioned but not for personal relativity, but more as noted by a friend. Due to the nature of these characters, their Ajah Relations will not be named.
  • The Blue Ajah related to Male Characters more than any other Ajah.
  • They also related more to supporting characters, such as Dyelin, Juilin and Leane; leading to believe that maybe there is more of a plot to secondary characters than what we see at first glance.
  • It is also noted the Egwene was never a Green but instead is predominantly Blue, while theGreens could challenge the Yellows for Nynaeve.
  • Fortunately, neither Green nor Yellow need worry as obviously Nynaeve was meant for the Red Shawl, who won the poll majority.
  • The Gray Ajah are the only ones to admit to more negatively viewed women, such as Elaida and Faile, while the Green Ajah tried to put a more positive spin on the character and gained the majority vote. Congrats, Faile is a Green.
  • Although the Blue Ajah dominated in their relation to Egwene, the Gray Ajah out-votes the Blue Ajah in their path to the Amyrlin Seat. If only Elaida were less Red, then maybe this could be a good thing.
  • The White Ajah believe they are Yellow.... yet somehow dominate the Black Ajah. Perhaps that hypothesis of 'All Whites are Blacks' is correct.
  • The Brown Ajah, with only one [late] edition are more dominantly related to 'transitional' characters; suggesting this Ajah is too busy asking questions to settle on one specific answer. Either way, this Ajah is dominantly mysterious and is either too busy creating great things or plotting the domination of the world.