Benji Dalfor

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Benji Dalfor was a member of the Younglings, barely old enough to shave regularly (LoC, Prologue).


  • The Younglings held a small ceremony when he shaved his first real stubble (LoC, Prologue).
  • While scouting north, he was gravely wounded by the Shaido. He galloped back as fast as he could to report to Gawyn on the thousands of Aiel before he died (LoC, Ch. 55).


That was Benji Dalfor's steel-dust gelding, and as it came closer, Gawyn could see Benji doubled over and clinging to the gelding's mane. The horse almost went past before Gawyn could seize the reins.
Benji turned his head without straightening, peered at Gawyn with glazed eyes. There was blood around his mouth, and he had one arm tight against his middle as if trying to hold himself together. "Aiel," he mumbled. "Thousands. All sides, I think." Suddenly he smiled. "Cold today, isn't --" Blood gushed out of his mouth, and he toppled to the road, staring unblinking at the sun. (Benji to Gawyn; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 55)