Bode Cauthon (TV Series)

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Book TV show

Pronunciation: BOHD-wihn CAW-thon

Bodewin Cauthon is a minor character in the book and television series The Wheel of Time. In the TV show, Bodewhin is played by the actress Litiana Biutanaseva.


Bodewin is the daughter of Natti Cauthon and Abell Cauthon and the sister of Mat Cauthon and Eldrin Cauthon.


Bode is very young, around 10 years old; she has long dark hair.


Season 1

Episode 1: Bode and her sister Eldrin play with dolls, while Mat carries their drunk mother in. He takes them away to sleep in a different place. On the night of Bel Tine, Bode and her family light a lantern for remembrance of the dead.

When the Trollocs attack, Bode and Eldrin hide away and are found by Mat and taken to safety. In the morning after the attack, Mat brings them back in the village to their parents; they stand and watch him leave with Moiraine and the rest.