Bode Cauthon (TV Series)

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Book TV show
Litiana and her sister Lilibet playing Bode and Eldrin in the Wheel of Time
Bode Cauthon
Nationality Andor
Social Status
Family Abell, Natti, Mat, and Eldrin Cauthon
First Appearance Episode 1
Actor Litiana Biutanaseva


Bode is the daughter of Natti Cauthon and Abell Cauthon and the sister of Mat Cauthon and Eldrin Cauthon.


Bode is very young, around 10 years old; she has long dark hair.


Season 1

Episode 1: At Wintersnight, Bode and her sister Eldrin play with dolls, while Mat carries their drunk mother in. He takes them away to sleep in a different place. On the night of Bel Tine, Bode and her family light a lantern for remembrance of the dead.

When the Trollocs attack, Bode and Eldrin hide away and are found by Mat and taken to safety. In the morning after the attack, Mat brings them back in the village to their parents; they stand and watch when he leaves with Moiraine and the rest.

Deviation from the Books

This section contains spoilers relating to The Books. Please expand to view.

In The Wheel of Time Book Series Bode is the older daughter of Abell and Natti, a few years younger than Mat. Because she is older than Eldrin, and is considered of age, she starts wearing her hair in a braid sooner. Bode and her sister were quick to tell their mother of Mat's shenanigans when they were little.

Bode and several other girls from the Two Rivers are found by Alanna and Verin to be able to learn to channel and are taken by the Aes Sedai to become novices in the White Tower.