Brown Bulletin January 2008

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Brown Ajah Bulletin – January edition

Talking Head – Words from Serenla

Time for congratulations!

Big congrats to the new Brown Sitters Maddie Vitalia and Adolla Ceryia!

And the new Brown Heart Cassie Dainar!

Also congrats to Aloren Tarabutton who gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on 10th of January. Welcome to this world Landon!

Brown Birthdays

Happy Belated Birthday to our January babies!

January 1st – Ismene Gillandred

January 5th – Shala Miradsu

January 6th – Dracaenaa al'Landgraf

January 9th – Riley Maconnar

January 15th – Adolla Ceryia

January 24th – Je t'aime Al'morha

Tiki Drink of the Month

Aloha Punch (about 30 servings)

1 lg can crushed pineapple

2 cups Guava juice

1 cup Apric nectar

3 cups Orange juice

½ cup Lemon juice

½ cup Lime juice

2 qt Rum

1 qt Ginger Ale

In a 2 gallon punch bowl mix ingredients. Add block of ice or mold made of pineapple juice and rings. Garnish with mint sprigs.


Brown Poll - New Year’s resolutions

The Brown poll this month: Do you make New Year’s resolutions?

The results show that the Browns are quite unanimous group of people… vast majority of us never make New Year’s resolutions!

  • I make several resolutions and also keep them 0% [0]
  • I make one resolution every year and keep it 5% [1]
  • I make several resolutions but I never manage to keep them 5% [1]
  • I make one resolution every year but never manage to keep it 5% [1]
  • I never make any resolutions on New Year 84% [16]

So, what do we say about the subject? First some examples of Browns who DON’T make resolutions:

Naomi: “I don't make resolutions on the New Year because I feel it would just be a way for me to feel more guilty the next year.”

Shara: “I don't see the point of making a resolution just to break it. Besides I'm happy with my life and don't have enough bad habits to try and break them.”

Stasia: “I don't make New Year's Resolutions. I figure everything else that needs resolving can occur at other times of the year.”

Miriya: “I never bother with them anymore. I tried as a kid, but I found it never worked anyway, so I tried enjoying New Year's without spending time thinking up something clever”

Serenla: “Nah, I never make them.”

Keara: “It's kind of like Lent (without the religious connotations of course). I always give the idea of making resolutions a little thought and then never commit to anything.”

Laithean: “I personally try to better myself all year round, not just one day a year. So I see no reason for a New Years Resolution.”

A few of us make resolutions on New Year:

Ismene: “I didn't see an option for "I make several resolutions and sometimes I keep them" [Editor’s note: Oops, my bad! Sorry!]. I'd say I keep about half of my resolutions. Usually. Um. Probably my most successful resolution I made several years ago which is to go to one culturally enriching event per month. And I still keep up with it!”

Cassie: “I make various resolutions, sometimes I keep them, often I don't. I rarely make the standard "lose weight, get fit, save money" resolutions, they are usually along the lines of "read more books than you buy."”

Official Brown-out of the month

By Maddie Vitalia:

My husband and I went to put gas in the car. We have a tannish colored Chevy Lumina. We park the car at the pump and I notice that a nearby car is similar in color. I go in and pay for the gas. When I walk out again, I start walking towards what I *think* is my car... I was halfway there before my husband honked the horn and I realized I was walking towards the other tannish car.

I get in and he says "How in the heck could you mistake a Buick for a Chevy?!"

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