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Author: Kheldin Korlan

JAH-ret By-ahr


Jaret Byar is a fervent Whitecloak who, whilst being an unimaginative leader, makes an excellent soldier. At the start of the series he is Geofram Bornhald's second in command. After Geofram Bornhald dies, he has the same position with the son, Dain Bornhald. Physically he is "Tall with a long, gaunt, expressionless face holding very deeply set eyes that have the light of cruelty and zeal in them. His skin was pulled tightly over muscle and bone. He was strong and moves like a snake with a hard, grating, flat and expressionless voice." Despite his unwavering adherence to the ideals of the Light, he does believe some things should not be done (KoD, Prologue).


  • Appears in the tent where Perrin is held in the Whitecloaks' camp to report on the results of the skirmish to Geofram Bornhald. He lies about the number of wolves and Darkfriends involved. Byar complains; insisting that Egwene and Perrin are executed. (TEotW, Ch. 30)
  • Byar enters Perrin's tent and tells him what he can expect in Amador. He then offers Perrin the chance to escape on the pretext that he does not want to be slowed down. As Perrin replies, the camp is attacked by wolves; Lan enters and knocks out Byar. (TEotW, Ch. 38)
  • Ordered by Geofram Bornhald to lead a Whitecloak Legion into Alcruna. (TGH, Ch. 5)
  • Goes with Bornhald and a hundred Whitecloaks through Almoth Plain. (TGH, Ch. 29)
  • Geofram Bornhald tells Byar that he spotted Perrin in a Toman Head village. (TGH, Ch. 44)
  • Geofram Bornhald orders Byar to stay back and report on the Whitecloaks' attack into Falme. He is told to report to Dain Bornhald and Pedron Niall. (TGH, Ch. 46)
  • Jaret Byar watches the defeat of the Whitecloaks and leaves for Amador. (TGH, Ch. 48)
  • Byar informs Pedron Niall that Aes Sedai aided the Seanchan (whom he accuses of being Darkfriends) and that Perrin betrayed the Whitecloaks. He leaves for Tar Valon. (TDR, Prologue)
  • Byar travels to just outside Tar Valon and reports to Dain Bornhald that his father has been killed. (TDR, Ch. 10)
  • Byar appears as Dain Bornhald's second in command for the expedition to the Two Rivers. (TSR, Ch. 1)
  • Byar wants to put to torture the prisoners, but Dain will not let him. (TSR, Ch. 31)
  • Dain Bornhald and Jaret Byar and a number of Whitecloaks go to Emond's Field. Perrin agrees to let them stay in the town if they swear not to bother anyone. (TSR, Ch. 45)
  • Dain Bornhald, Jaret Byar and other Whitecloaks bring a dying man into Emond's Field. (TSR, Ch. 53)
  • Dain Bornhald and Jaret Byar don't let the Whitecloaks fight for Emond's Field against the Trollocs so Perrin orders them to leave the Two Rivers. (TSR, Ch. 56).
  • He confirms to Galad the rumours of Valda and Morgase (KoD, Prologue).
  • He accompanies Galad when Galad challenges Valda (KoD, Prologue).
  • Byar is told by Galad that they need to ally with the White Tower to win the Last Battle. Shortly afterwards Galad is taken by Asunawa for questioning, Byar pulls his sword but Galad tells him to put it away. (ToM, Prologue)
  • Byar is with Trom when they rescue Galad from Asunawa after they killed Asunawa and a bunch of the people with Asunawa.(ToM, Ch. 2)
  • Byar brings a group of people he thinks are merchants to Galad. They turn out to be Perrin's men.(ToM, Ch. 4)
  • He comes to Galad and tells Galad his version of the story that happened at the Two Rivers in which Perrin raised an army of Trollocs to attack. Galad decides to confront Perrin.(ToM, Ch. 7)
  • He goes with Galad to meet Perrin the second time. After Perrin asks for a trial Byar tells Galad that there is no point because Perrin won't turn himself in anyway but Galad says they must start proving their claims.(ToM, Ch. 26)
  • Byar attends Perrin's trial where he gives his account of what happened two years previous when Perrin had killed two of the Whitecloaks.(ToM, Ch. 34)
  • Byar questions Galad on why he let Perrin walk away but Perrin tells him he has been insubordinate lately and he quiets down.(ToM, Ch. 35)
  • A little while later when Perrin's army just disappears Byar does the I told you so to Galad.(ToM, Ch. 40)
  • As an army of Trollocs rush their camp Byar tells Galad that Perrin had sent them. The Trollocs ride in and fight the Whitecloaks and Byar tries to make his way to Galad. After Perrin saves Galad, Byar rides up behind Perrin and tries to stab him in the back but is killed by Dain Bornhald who didn't want him to kill the man that had just saved them.(ToM, Ch. 41)


  • Very loyal to Geofram Bornhald until his death; after which he switches allegiance to Dain Bornhald.
  • Fanatical hatred of Perrin whom he believes to be a Darkfriend.
  • Hates Darkfriends and all who do not approve of the Children of the Light or their methods.


"He was tall and skeletally gaunt with very deep-set eyes." (The Eye of the World, Chapter 30)

"Perrin," he muttered. "That was his name. Perrin, from the Two Rivers." "The Darkfriend, my Lord Captain?" "Perhaps, Byar." (The Great Hunt, Chapter 44).

"The precepts say to fight the raven, you may make alliance with the serpent until the battle is done" To Galad, about aligning with Aes Sedai to fight the Seanchan and the Shadow (Knife of Dreams, Prologue).

"I’ve done things in service to the light, dark as moonless midnight and likely I will again, but some things are too dark to be allowed" To Galad, (Knife of Dreams, Prologue).