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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Trom is a Lord Captain of the Children of the Light and a friend of Galad Damodred. He is stocky, square-faced with black hair and a little older than Galad (TFoH, Ch. 16; KoD, Prologue).

At his first appearance, he wears two golden knots of rank (TFoH, Ch. 16), but after the battle against the Seanchan at Jeramel, where three high officers of the Children died, he receives another star-shaped knot, marking him a Lord Captain. (KoD, Prologue)



"Well, young Galad, you can't keep all the pretty women for yourself. Every girl in town sighs when you walk by, and most of their mothers as well. Introduce me." (Trom to Galad upon seeing him talk to Elayne and Nynaeve; The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 16)