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"I (name here), do promise not to hold the White Ajah or any of their affiliates liable for any adverse effects caused by participation in the Bubble Lab. I promise I will immediately seek Blue Healing for any and all injuries received and to never speak of it again. Any further complaints may be taken up with the Grays who will promptly treat any injuries with the appropriate pies."

Beginner Bubbles

Many of these Bubbles have not been 'brewed.' They are in need of additional ingredients and, in some cases, side effects. Please make sure you have a signed copy of the Bubble Disclaimer in file with the White Ajah before attempting to brew any Bubbles.

Chapter One-Primary Bubbles

1--Blue--these cause hiccuping which makes bubbles come out of the nose and when they pop they will poke people in the eye.

2--Yellow--these will cause happiness, burping will cause yellow bubbles to come out of the mouth and ears.

3--Red--(Ingredients: red hots, paprika, enchilida sauce) Do not handle without gloves! These emit red and black sparks during the brewing process, an umbrella is recommended for fall out. These cause smoke to pour from the nose, sneezing fits accompanied by flames, then the nose will explode! After the Bubbles sit for several days the molecules stabilize and it's not as potent.

4--Purple--(Ingredients: purple powder, lavender, mint tea, honey, silver whisker from Poof) Intended to make a bubble to cure headaches and Mondays, but the silver whisker from Poof seems to have altered the properties of this bubble. The person who consumes this purple bubble is transformed into a cat. Still no clue how to turn the person back...can only wait for the bubble to run its course.

Chapter Two-Secondary Bubbles

4--Orange--(Ingredients: cheese, jellybeans) Use great care when brewing, it can be explosive! These have a slight euphoric effect, some memory loss and can cause levitation. Some can experience cheese-wedge shaped bubbles to come out of the nose.

5--Green--(Ingredients: matcha green tea, 'green water', mint leaf, creme de menthe, peppermint schnapps) This is an ideal brew for any Feast of Lights Celebration but be aware that it can cause pregnancy!

6--Purple--(these Bubbles have been deemed top secret)

Chapter Three-Pastel Bubbles

7--Pink--(Ingredients: one dozen pink carnations, Mary Kay pink diamonds lip gloss, one pair of fuzzy pink handcuffs, gift certificate for Victoria's Secret Pink Collection, powdered pink quartz) This sparkly, long lasting beverage is perfect for Valentine's Day, PPD or a general pick-me-up. Effects include feelings of warmth, fuzziness and lovey-ness.

8--Light Blue--causes one to stare off into space and become unable to interact


10--Sky Blue--(UNK)

11--Sea Foam Green--(Ingredients: sea foam, primrose, crocus, snowdrop, bluebells, ladyslippers, tulips, bee pollen, down from a newborn chick) Males who partake of this bubble will do the bunny hop, grow bunny ears and a fuzzy tail. Females develop a fine down over all their bodies and crave seeds. Perfect for a Spring Day!

12--Gray--(Ingredients: essence of Wheelbarrow, pie)

13--Tie Dye--cause panic in some, good for amnesia, causes one to chase people of the opposite sex (possible love potion qualities?)


Chapter Four-Earth Toned Bubbles

15--White--Educational yet secretive.

16--Brown--Turns people technicolored


18--Void--(Black, glows random colors) Inverts the colors of those who touch them.

Chapter Five-Neon Bubbles

19--Lemon Lime--Instantly revives plants.

20--Turquoise--Tickles the nose.

21--Fuchsia--causes plants to shrivel, ears to fall off then grow back pink and rubbery

Intermediate Bubbles

Chapter One-Why Bubbles?

I so want to just say "why not" but that doesn't quite work. Bubbles are from even before my time with the Ajah. They started at a White Ajah clam bake (this type of activity was not a public one, but just a fun forum thing) Shirlyn was playing around and "discovered" the infamous purple bubble. This bubble was SO much fun at first, almost addictive but soon, we realized that eating too many of them would turn you *into* a bubble yourself. The sad truth about most things that are fun is that there has to be something wrong with it. This started the hunt for an antidote, which provided us with the Green bubble. Not so much fun on it's own, or even very tasty but it did what it needed to do, which was negate the effects of the purple if taken in time. From there, the experiments and fun continued... a little bit of mindless fun. We then decided to start sharing them a little bit with the general public, and who doesn't like playing with bubbles?? ~Shyana Sedai

Chapter Two-Brewing Bubbles

Start with a clean cauldron and any other necessary items you may need. (Please note some brews require the use of tongs, gloves, umbrellas and hazmat outfits) If the necessary ingredients are not available in the pantry you will need to go get them on your own.

A good Bubble Brew consists of at least 3-4 ingredients and it is advisable that the primary ingredient is in liquid form. Plan on several hours to prepare your ingredients and let them simmer. (You may use Junior Members to stay and stir your pot if you are unexpectedly called away but please check to make sure they are not already on laundry duty)

Holidays are an excellent time for experimenting and creating new Bubble Brews! Make sure you keep good notes of the results of your brewing and the effects it has on your

I have included an example for your convenience:

--Candy Corn--(Ingredients: 1 lb. candy corn, 1/2 lb. sugar, 3 gal. pumpkin juice, three half burnt candles from jack-o-lanterns, strands of spiderweb) Simmer the pumpkin juice, sugar, candles and candy corn for several hours until it becomes thick and bubbly. Top with spiderwebs when serving. Guaranteed to make anyone cackle like a witch and declaim, "I'll get you my pretties!"

Chapter Three-Food Bubbles/Ingredients

These items have been suggested as bubbles or ingredients for bubbles but many of these have no know effects, use them sparingly in new Bubble Brews and make sure to keep good notes. Please make sure you have a signed copy of the Bubble Disclaimer in file with the White Ajah before attempting to brew any Bubbles.

1--Ginger--Warm and delicious, good for nausea, causes freckles


3--Egg Nog--No adverse effects, just yummy goodness!

4--Candy Corn--(see example; chapter two)


6--Rum--(UNK-check with the Browns)


8--Prickly Pear Fruit--(UNK)

9--Fish--turns females into fishwives

10--Champagne--Ingredients: champagne, hibiscus flowers) adding the flowers causes the brew to turn into a lovely dark mauve color, great for relaxing

11--Popcorn--(Ingredients: Dr. Pepper or Pepsi, can of white nibblets, butter, salt) As this brew simmers bubbles rise in the cauldron and pop into the air into fluffy soda colored kernals. Makes the drinker desire to cuddle up on the sofa with a friend and watch a good movie. If not consumed immediately they turn soggy and unappetizing.

12--Peppermint--(Ingredients: candycanes, sugar plums, white chocolate, egg nog) Fills the consumer with holiday cheer and the desire to sing Christmas Carols.

13--Blue Brownie--no adverse effects, low carbs, can be infused with rum, often chewy

Chapter Four-Misc Bubbles

14--Soap--Causes bubbles to fly out of your nose and mouth while snickering uncontrollably.

15--Caffiene--Same basic effects as several cups of coffee

16--Diet--(UNK, possible weight loss qualities)

17--Beer--(UNK, possible intoxication qualities)

18--Fork--(Ingredients: Forkroot) Extremely dangerous to Channelers!

19--Keeping--(UNK, preservative qualities?)


21--Agressive--(UNK, possibly dangerous)

22--Amoxicillian--fights infection

23--Silence--used to surround two or more people wishing to have a private conversation

24--Michael Jackson--causes inexplicaple dancing, makes person who consumes this brew look like someone sneezed technicolored glitter all over them

25--Ice and Snow--resulted in a huge Frost Ray Gun

26--Daegan--(Ingredients: mix two parts Sailor Jerry rum, one part Canada Dry Ginger Ale, and one part Banana Slurpee)

27--Bubble of Luvin--causes consumer to drag his favorite fishwife behind a large bubble to cure headaches

28--Bald_--(UNK, causes baldness?)

29--Forest Green--One of the original Bubbles, ingredients have been lost over time. Causes healing in the one who drinks it, antidote to Purple Bubble.

30--Toshiba--An irritating Bubble that tends to sponsor New Years. Distracts from Shiney Things and can cause Toshiba shaped hives to appear on the face.

Advanced Bubbles

These can be tricky or dangerous to brew. Please make sure you have a signed copy of the Bubble Disclaimer in file with the White Ajah before attempting to brew any Bubbles.

Chapter One-Metallic Bubbles

1--Silver--(Ingredients: black rose petals, a teardrop, mango green tea, marshmallow cream, a sprinkling of stardust is added to each glass as it is served) You will know this is finished brewing when it shimmers and looks like molten silver giving off puffs of frosty air. Females' skin began to give off a soft silver glow and bursts of lightning and stars shot up from the hair. Anything that was touched immediately froze on contact. Males grew elf ears and longer toes and their hair turned silver.

2--Bronze--(Ingredients: Gaidin earwax, pineapple juice, banana peels, bee pollen, Bronze dragon tears, saffron, male calico whiskers, yellow tulip petals, gold leaf) Pour the pineapple juice and dragon tears into the cauldron and stoke the fire until the liquid is starting to boil. Add the gold leaf, whiskers, earwax and banana peels and simmer the mixture for 2 hours. Sprinkle the saffron and a pinch of bee pollen in and lets cool for 10 minutes. Ladle the Bubbles into cups and top each one with a tulip petal. Females grew larger and had dragon wings form enabling the drinker to fly. Fire breathing was also noted. The males grew cat whiskers and a cat tail.


Chapter Two-More Misc Bubbles

4--Moss Green--(Ingredients: moss, rain, damp socks) This Bubble was made in honor of Anni 2009. It is dark green, soft and fuzzy and can only be brewed in Washington State. Initial observations indicate chilliness, dampness, and shivering. Pantless dancing was detected in one subject. After letting set for a few hours it became thick and sludgey. More experimentation is needed!

5--Cherry--(Ingredients: cherries, lock of Lucas' hair, sugar, butter, graham cracker crumbs, red poppy petals, ruby dust) Melt the butter in the cauldron and pit the cherries. Add the cherries, poppies and sugar and bring to a boil until the mixture is reduced by half. Sprinkle in Lucas hairs and ruby dust and simmer for 5 more minutes. Serve with a dash of graham cracker crumbs on top. Guaranteed to make one smile and possibly turn females into fishwives, one subject developed gills. Lucas was overheard saying, "The only way to greatness is by drinking it!"

6--Glue--(Ingredients: items from the knackers, pinch of friendship, dash of love, rainbow sparkles) This is a tricky Bubble to brew because friendship and love can come in many forms; i.e. a kiss on the cheek or a picture of you and the intended receipient. Designed specifically to help elusive members overcome IRL and remain active on our site it has had sporadic success.

7--De-Pantsing--(Ingredients: multicolored feathers, shavings from the horn of a viking helm, three gallons of denim dye and a pair of rainbow suspenders) Add all ingredients to the cauldron and let simmer for 45 minutes. Females will experience their skirts flying up in a Marilyn Monroe sort of way, males will have their drawers fall down around their knees exposing wild boxers.

8--Welcome--(Ingredients: lemons, honey, cotton, snippet of Vallen's hair) Squeeze the lemons and add honey to the juice. Boil for several minutes then add strands of cotton and snippets of Vallen's hair. Let cool or pour over ice to serve. The only known receipient of this Bubble is Haseo, he experienced the desire to do his chores without being told but purposely left his socks out. Designed for teens to make them have a sweet temperment and willingness to do what is needed but with a hint of rotten-ness left in them. (May also be used for a sore throat but this is unconfirmed)

9--Mushroom Cloud--(Ingredients: mushrooms, silver lining from a cloud, uranium, U235) A hazmat uniform is a must when brewing this concoction! A huge explosion, gigantic shock wave combined with unbearable heat, and a signature mushroom cloud appearing are signs that this brew is complete. This is a Radioactive Bubble with a half-life of about 5000 years. Consumers will develop a warm green glow and the desire to walk around spreading peace and love like Mr. Burns after one of his treatments.

10--Lava Lamp--(Ingredients: Twibli's Lava Lamp liquid, UNK?) These are very hot but remain untested.

11--Floating--(Ingredients: UNK) Creates medium sized bubbles that float in the air, using a Thread of Air will make them spin. These have not been tested on human subjects!

12--Disappearing Firewall--(Ingredients: UNK) Designed to make Firewalls disappear thus enabling members to more easily access the site. A computer techie is required to create this particular Bubble.

13--Normal--(Ingredients: normal dryer setting, chocolate, debt or bankruptcy) No one interviewed could really define normal and ingredients may vary according to receipient.

14--TARDIS--(Ingredients: Time Lord Technology; Sonic Screwdriver, Psychic Paper, Interdimentional Cell Phone) Creates bubble similar to the space ship from [i]The Fountain.[/i] Most commonly used in ladies' handbags.

15--Purple 1--(Ingredients: UNK, original recipe has been lost during the ages) SO much fun at first, almost addictive but soon, we realized that eating too many of them would turn you *into* a bubble yourself.

16--Purple 2--(Ingredients: UNK, second version has also been lost to obsecurity) In some cases the Purple bubbles have been know to have adverse effects such as dizziness, sore throat, trouble sleeping, severe fits of sneezing, and the need for Viagra

17--Purple 3--(Ingredients: juice from over-ripe plum, shavings of willow bark, a pearl from clam found in the Sea of Storms, toenail of a Fade) Use Yellow Caution Tape around area and wear hazmat outfit while brewing. You will know this is finished when clouds of purple mist rise from the surface. Almost like a love potion with a touch of compulsion, some stalking results were reported. One subject split into numerous miniature versions of themselves, turned purple, then pink, orange, and rainbow colored before resorting to normal appearance once again.

Chapter Three-Forbidden Bubbles

18--Golden/Alchemy--(Ingredients: Mix chick feathers and honey. While stirring, add gold shavings) Consumer of Golden Bubble will burp gold nuggets. Flavor apparently isn't terrible, either. Forbidden due to potential of extreme corruption and wealth.

Chapter Four-Contributing Members

Many people suggested, created or inspired the Bubbles found in these pages. This is just a short list of some of those who contributed or volunteered to be test subjects.

Adoen Calloden
Aldazar Tiarana
Alora Sionn
Amara Danicek
Andra Mikolan
Arafel al Dama
Aryela Dashtahd
Chria al'Diene
Daegan Al'Calder
Darian Coralis
Dovienya el'Korim
Elin al'Nia
Emerald ni'Rohan
Enya Tawarwaith
Fern Al'Thorn
Geneve Da'Guerre
Ghaul Ronshor
Haseo al'Benn
Hilwa Katir
Idris ab Enyon
Isarma Maracanda
Ivanor Winshaw
Ky Alduranai
Keisha al'Benn
Leala ni al'Dareis t'al'Caleum
Liiane al'Rhuidea
Loira al'Ramoidra
Lucas al'Baine
Lyara Tieran
Lyndo Shiranui
Marivea al'Corriyi
Mashiara Al'Kama
Morwynna Raevyn
Nyavene al'Meer
Odessa Mandragoran
Rehtaeh al'Navi
Rioldina al'Juriel
Torval Shank
Vealdan Annalin
Vorusean el'Korim