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The TarValon.Net library keeps a record of all Senior Members as well as all people who have joined the Tower as a Novice or Recruit and have not been removed in a membership clean up. For people who choose to stay as a Citizen, they are only added once they reach the status of Resident Citizen. However, many people who do not want to take the formal path to being a Senior Member do contribute in some way, or attend events.

Adan Moringale

Argent Shiroi

Auri al'Chassit

Brandegoris Al'Mor

Caedmon Bede

Camulus Ullr'nodens

Curulin Melyma

Delenn Magelan

Enoch Xarr

Hammar O'Justice

Illuvin Ring

Ithilluin Aldaran

Ivy Etain

J'ral Ganaem

La'Donna Caliarthan

Loradin Brayel

Merediana an Banrion na Foraoise Draiochta

Sam Tamyn

Seth al'Dera

Shienara M'asynde

Slade Winterhart

Talon S. Akar

Willow Elbereth

Zanus Athara

Zeryth al'Damoraine

Former Members

There are also people who have made contributions that are no longer active. As they were not senior members, they will have been removed in one of the annual clean ups.