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Guild Leaders hold staff positions in the Department of Online Events, working for the Director of Online Events.

Department: Department of Online Events

Position Level: Staff

Rotation: 6 month rotation

Merit Eligibility: Staff Merit

Chain of Command

Guild Leaders report to the Director of Online Events.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Take an active role in leading and participating in discussions within their respective Guilds
  • Liaise between the Guilds and the Online Activities Team to host theme appropriate Guild sponsored activities during events and free weeks
  • Create at least two additional events/activities per term for our membership to participate in based on their Guild's focus- Discord, boards, zoom, etc. (Tea Party on Discord, Sew Alongs, TTRPG nights, etc.)


  • Must be an active and encouraging leader, and while not an expert, at least knowledgeable enough of the topic to participate and foster discussion.

Time Commitment

  • Must be able to spend approximately 1-2 hours a week on the boards participating in discussions, potentially more to help out the OATeam during events.


  • Member of TarValon.Net for 3 months.
  • May be ANY rank.
  • Knowledge of the subject matter of the guild a must, experience with leadership and activity creation are a plus, but not an absolute necessity.
  • Some knowledge of Discord is useful, since a large portion of our events are run there!


The Guilds were reinstated in March of 2023. Current Guilds went through an application process to get creation approval, and then had to show enough activity to get a subforum of their own inside of the greater Guild Hall. As of September 2023 there are nine official Guilds, six of which have been granted subforums of their own. Guild Leaders serve as co-leaders within their groups, much as a Heart/Soul do for the Ajahs. Guild Leaders volunteer and/or are nominated by fellow members of their respective guilds, and sign up for a 6 month term, at this time rotating in Sept./October and March/April. Their main purpose is to drive activity in and for the Guilds by leading discussions, and creating fun activities/events within their groups and for the site as a whole.

The following people have been Guild Leaders at TarValon.Net.

Guild Leaders

Chaotic Kitchen


Fiber Arts, Sewing, and Crafting


Mental Health and Physical Wellness


Tea and Coffee Lovers

Visual and Performing Arts

Writers and Authors

Written Roleplay

Additionally, the sdneirfkraD dna hajA kcalB Guild is lead by a secretive entity called The Supreme Council.