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alt: marketing is represented by like button and light bulb
Department of Marketing
Created in 2010
Headed by Siera al'Cere
Positions within the Department


The Department is responsible for TarValon.Net's visual identity, social networking and retailing products. The Departments improves and monitors the consistency of the official logos and designs despite the diversity in style of its members. It is responsible for creating all official designs, logos, graphics and products. Marketing also serves in reaching beyond the boards via Social Media.

It is currently headed by Siera al'Cere.

Programs within the Department

The Department has multiple roles. These include:

Graphic Development

Main article: Graphics Development Team

The Department is responsible for all graphics used in an official capacity by TarValon.Net.

The Department of Marketing maintains TarValon.Net's Zazzle Store.

Social Media

Main article: Social Media Team

The Social Media Team is responsible for marketing TarValon.Net to non-members (i.e. external marketing) through social media and other venues. The Social Media Manager is the leading force behind our social marketing development. The current Manager is Arella Mathara.

TarValon Talks

Main article: TarValon Talks

TarValon Talks is the official podcast of TarValon.Net. The TarValon Talks hosts talk about all things Wheel of Time, both book and show. It is currently run by the Digital Producer, Veriendha ti al'Riaha and the Audio Engineer, Adolla Ceryia.

Tar Valon Times

Main article: Tar Valon Times

Tar Valon Times is the official blog of TarValon.Net that is contributed to by both TVT Staff and Guest submissions. It is run by the Tar Valon Times Editor. The current Editor is Elia LePhant.


Main article: Department of Marketing (History)

The Department of Marketing was created after the 2010 Admin Meeting.

Initially proposed as the Department of Visual Resources, the idea grew to become a Department of Marketing, which manages the presence of TarValon.Net as an organization.

Positions with the Department

Main article: Department of Marketing (Positions)

The Department has five Admin positions, the Tar Valon Times Editor, the Social Media Manager, the Marketing Project Manager, the Digital Producer, and the Audio Engineer, as well as a variety of staff positions.