Department of Online Events

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Department of Online Events
Created in 2022
Headed by Adina al'Mari
Positions within the Department


The Department of Online Events is responsible for our online activities. It is currently headed by Adina al'Mari.

Programs within the Department

Online Events
Main article: Online Events

TarValon.Net has two regular freeweeks annually, Bel Tine and Shaoman, in which some of the rules are relaxed and groups get to dress up in themes. These free weeks are organized by the Online Activities Team. They creates an over all theme for the freeweek and comes up with games, challenges, graphics prizes, and other fun ways to get all members of the community involved.


Outside the freeweeks, there are games run on the forums and in our official chat server on Discord. The games include Mafia and Assassins games (forum based), and other games depending on interest within the community, both forum-based and via Discord.


Main article: Department of Online Events (History)
Department History

The Department of Online Events was created in early 2022 when the Department of Community Outreach was split into two separate departments.

Positions with the Department

Main article: Department of Online Events (Positions)

The department has one Administrator level position:

Online Activities Coordinator

The Online Activities Coordinator organizes the planning, preparation, and execution of the community's official online events.

This position is currently vacant.