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alt: research and records is represented by stacked books
Department of Research and Records
Created in 2004
Headed by Bryher al'Venna
Positions within the Department


The Department of Research and Records oversees the Tower Library and the Tower Histories, as well as the book forums and the Classroom. The department is currently headed by Bryher al'Venna.

The Library

The Department of Research and Records heads up and organises the TarValon.Net Library, which strives to be a complete source of information for the world of the Wheel of Time. The articles are written by the members as volunteer contributions. It also features comprehensive detail on TarValon.Net itself.

The Classroom

Main article: Classes

The Classroom has existed ever since the creation of TarValon.Net and while in the past classes were taught with a different goal in mind, currently, the Classroom offers mostly real life skills and knowledge. The classes are taught by volunteer teachers, and overseen by the Headteachers.


Main article: Department of Research and Records (History)

The department was originally formed as the Department of Research and Communication and headed by the Tower Librarian and Tar Valon Times Editor. It was later split into two separate departments along with the Department of Communication.

Membership Surveys

Annual Reports


Main article: Department of Research and Records (Positions)


Avatar Bryher3.jpg The Director of Research and Records handles executive matters within the department, but is also responsible for keeping track of and assigning articles in the Library, as needed. The Director might supplement the Historians' duties, and delegate tasks to the Library Editors.


There is one administrator position, the Headteacher.

Avatar Alexr4.jpg The Headteacher is in charge of the Classroom forum. They look for new and interesting classes, they help teachers with their lesson plans, and keep track of current classes.


There are currently five staff positions with the department. The Historians each serve different purposes, but their main duties are to keep the Library up to date. The Assistant to the Director helps the director with projects on demand.

Avatar Grond.jpg The Events Historian is responsible for maintaining official TarValon.Net events and conferences pages. They also include events information on each person's Who's Who page, who has attended such events.

TallanSquare.png The Tower Historian is responsible for keeping Tower histories up to date. They are continuously updating Who's Who pages, Staff pages, current raisings and bonds, and so much more!

Tallan Daar became the Tower Historian in 2020 after serving as Director from 2018 till 2020. Tallan has also been an Editor since 2016 and has been a huge part of keeping the Tower histories up to date ever since then.

Noavatar.png The Awards Historian is responsible for maintaining awards pages within the Library. They are also responsible for updating Who's Who pages with awarded Merit Badges every time they are awarded.

This position is currently vacant.

Avatar Thaddius2.jpg The Media Historian is responsible for transcribing Tar Valon Talks Staff episodes and archiving them in the Library, as well as archiving Tar Valon Times articles.