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The Director of Community Outreach had all responsibilities inherent in that position, such as working with other Directors and Officers, providing counsel to other Executives when asked, and managing the Department of Community Outreach. It was responsible for promoting holidays, philanthropic activities, and Wheel of Time themed festivals.

Position Level: Executive

Department: Department of Community Outreach/Executive Branch

Rotation: Non-rotating position

Merit Eligibility: Executive Merit

Chain of Command

The Director of Community Outreach reported directly to the Cordamora.

The Outreach Activities Coordinator and Servant of All Coordinator repored directly to the Director. The Outreach Activities Team and Servant of All Team also used to report to the Director through the Outreach Activities Coordinator and Servant of All Coordinator respectively.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Handles the selection and training of admins and staff in the Department.
  • Keeps track of all of the community's philanthropic efforts, both the progress of things planned and the members who contribute.
  • Helps plan and execute all of our community's philanthropic efforts including fundraising, scholarship, Feast of Lights, etc.
  • Is on the lookout for new charities and ways of giving back to our communities, online and offline.
  • Performs standard Executive things, such as providing counsel to the Officers when needed, and completing monthly reports.
  • Works to broadcast and advertise our philanthropic efforts via the Outreach Activities Team and any other available method.
  • Provide regular reports to the Keeper and Amyrlin Seat on the status of projects.


  • Is flexible and able to handle/work around emergencies.
  • Must be a hard-working, driven, and creative self-starter. This position involves a lot of coming up with new ideas, implementing and motivating members to participate. The ability to adhere to a set schedule and firm deadlines is necessary.
  • Tact and discretion are a must.

Time Commitment

  • Must be willing and able to spend at least 15 hours a week handling Department issues, and more when large fundraisers or charity drives are going on.


  • Must currently be a Tower Sworn for at least one year and be in good standing.
  • Must be knowledgeable about philanthropic/charitable organizations and endeavors.
  • Must be able to access the boards, or at least email, on a regular basis. This position handles many of our signature efforts in the Wheel of Time community, and is not one where absences of weeks (or even days depending on what's going on) will be workable.
  • Must have a passion for the philanthropic efforts of our community. We want you to dream big and motivate us all to achieve those dreams!
    • While not required, prior experience with fundraising and charity drives is a big plus. Please detail any such experience in your application.


This position was transitioned from the role of Director of Philanthropy after the 2011 Admin Meeting, with the existing Director of the Department of Philanthropy taking on the role of director of the new department.

In 2022 the Department of Community Outreach split into two new departments and this position's responsibilities were mostly passed over to the Director of Outreach.

Directors of the Department of Community Outreach